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Austria Furniture Quality Inspections - In 2019, Austria Furniture exports amounted to $2.5 billion. Austrian furniture is inspired by nature, modern with a hint of tradition and many beautiful details. Goodada's Austria Furniture Inspection services offer Quality Control checks across the entire range of furniture made in Austria. The Association of the Austrian Wood Industries represents the interests of the Austrian Furniture Industry. If you are looking for names of Austrian Furniture Suppliers, please visit this page of Austrian Furniture Sellers.

Austrian Furniture Exports

Austrian furniture accounts for 1.5% of the countries export volume. Austria is the 20th largest exporter of furniture in the world. It is ahead of Lithuania and behind Belgium. The export markets for Austrian furniture is surrounding European countries. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland & France account for 60% of its exports. The USA is the highest non-European country that imports Austrian furniture.

The main furniture ranges which are made in Austria include:

  • School Furniture
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Garden Furniture.
  • Living Room Furniture.
  • Retail Furniture.
  • Contract Furniture.
  • Office Furniture.

Goodada is a global Furniture inspection company. Apart from Austria, we provide QC inspections in 76 countries including Belgium, India, Hungary and Brazil.

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Goodada offers the following types of Austria Furniture Quality Control Services.

AustriaFurniture Factory Audit

Austria Furniture Manufacturer Verification

An Austrian Furniture Manufacturer verification will review any potential supplier in Austria. One of Goodada's Inspection team will visit the furniture factory in Austria and determine if the seller and the furniture factory is real and legitimate. The auditor will also review the factories manufacturing production processes, equipment, and machinery. The inspector will also check the firm's quality control procedures and its trading records. After the audit has been completed, you will receive a report outlining the findings of the auditor.

Austria Furniture

Finished Furniture Quality Control

Goodada offers a range of furniture inspection services across Austria. Our most popular is a Finished Goods Inspection, with this service, the quality control inspector in Austria will visit the suppliers' factory to check the furniture meets to your specifications.

To find out more about Goodada's Inspections, please visit our Product Inspections Services page.


Austria Furniture Loading Inspection

Austria Furniture Loading

Goodada's Austria Furniture Loading inspections confirm the quantities loaded into a container and what furniture items are being despatched out to you. This inspection is conducted at the Suppliers factory or loading area in Austria. Please visit Goodada's Container Loading Checks page to learn out more about Goodada's Loading Checks.


Austria Furniture Production Supervision

Furniture Production Inspection

Goodada's Furniture Production Inspections involve an inspector going to the factory in Austria when your furniture order is being manufactured. Our inspectors inspect the progress of your order, they speak with the production staff and try to identify if any there are any potential issues or time delays with your order. You will receive a detailed report highlighting any findings which have been found during the inspection.


Austria Wood Inspection

Furniture Materials Inspection (RM)

Furniture Materials Inspection focuses the raw materials such as timber and components which will be used in the manufacture of your furniture order. Before production commences, the inspector goes to the factory in Austria to check the selected materials and speak with the production manager. The inspector can inspect invoices to confirm that the timber and wood have been sourced from certified sustainable suppliers.


Austria Furniture Freight Insurance

Austria Furniture Insurance

Goodadas Austria Furniture Cargo insurance covers you for not only the total value of the furniture order, but you also have the option of getting covered for the cost of shipping, import taxes, and also cover for any potential lost profits.

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