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Brazil Furniture Quality Inspections - Last year, Brazil exported over $765 million worth of furniture products worldwide. Goodada offers third party quality control inspections of furniture products, furniture vendors and furniture factories across Brazil.

There is a strong demand for Brazilian furniture, especially for the Bedroom and living room areas.  ABIMOVEL is the Association for the Brazilian Furniture Industry. If you are looking for names of Brazilain Furniture Suppliers, please visit this page of Brazilian Furniture Sellers.

Brazil furniture Exports account for less than 0.5% of the countries entire exports. Brazil is the 36th largest exporter of furniture in the world. It is ahead of Bulgaria and behind the UAE. The export markets for Brazilian furniture is the USA, UK, Chile, Argentina and other South American Countries.

The main furniture ranges which are made in Brazil include:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Hospitality Furniture
  • Home Furniture

Additionally Goodada inspects in many countries including Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.

For more information about Brazilian Furniture Inspections, contact:

Contact Person: Aidan Conaty

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Phone:(Europe/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919 ; (UK) +44.020.3287.2990 ; (North America) +1.518.290.6604


Goodada offers the following types of Brazil Furniture Quality Control Services.

Brazil Furniture Factory Audit

Brazil Furniture Factory Verification

Brazilian Furniture Factory verification service will check any factory in Brazil. One of Goodada's Factory Auditors will visit the furniture factory and assess if the seller and the factory are genuine and legitimate. The auditor will also inspect the manufacturing production processes, equipment, and machinery. The inspector will also check the firm's quality control procedures and its trading records. After the audit has been completed, you will receive a report outlining the findings of the auditor.

Brazil Pre Shipment Furniture Inspections

Brazil Furniture Quality Control

Goodada Brazil Furniture Quality Control Inspections are conducted at the factory in Brazil. The purpose of this furniture Inspection (or Pre Shipment Inspection) is to visually check the specifications, quantities, dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks of the furniture products. On-site testing can be conducted, or samples can be collected to be independently tested. If any problems are identified, you can address these issues with the factory before the goods are shipped. To find out more, please visit Goodada's Product Inspection page.


Brazil Furniture Loading Inspection

Brazil Furniture Loading Inspection

A Furniture Loading inspections confirm the quantities loaded into a container and what furniture items are being despatched to you. This inspection is conducted at the factory or loading location in Brazil. Please visit Goodada's Container Loading Checks page to learn out more about Goodada's Loading Checks.


Brazil Furniture Production Supervision

Brazil Furniture Production Inspection

Furniture Production Inspection takes place when your order is being made at the factory in Brazil. Clients request a third-party inspection company such as Goodada to visit the factory, review the order, speak with the production staff, and identify any potential issues or time delays with your order. This inspection is requested by many clients who have communication issues with their supplier in Brazil.


Brazil Wood Inspection

Brazil Wood Inspection (RM)

This inspection focuses on the wood and other parts used to make your goods. Many clients require that the wood is FSC Certified. Our inspectors visit the factory to review the materials, supplier invoices and certifications. They also ask the factory to sign off that the products comply and meet your requirements and standards. To find out more about this inspection, please visit our Early Production Inspection page.


Brazil Online Cargo Insurance

Brazil Online Cargo Insurance

Brazil Online Furniture Cargo insurance covers you for not only the total value of the furniture order, but you also have the option of getting covered for the cost of shipping, import taxes and also cover for any potential lost profits. The great thing is that you can book your inspections online.

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