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Hungary Furniture - Hungarian furniture exports account for 1.49% of the countries' total 2019 exports. Goodada's Hungary  Furniture Quality Control services offer QC Inspections at any furniture factory in Hungary. The Hungarian Furniture Association known in Hungarian as  Magyar Bútor és Faipari Szövetségassociation and it is one of the leading furniture associations in Hungary. To find names of potential suppliers click on this link to access the names of Czechia Furniture Manufacturers


Hungary Furniture Export Industry

In 2019, Hungarian furniture exports amounted to $1.82 billion. Hungary is the 24th largest exporter of furniture in the world. It is ahead of Slovakia but behind Portugal. The main destination markets for Hungarian furniture is its surrounding countries followed by other European countries. In 2019, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania and Czechia accounted for over 60% of Hungarian furniture exports.

The top furniture categories which are manufactured in Hungary include:

  • Wooded Furniture
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture.
  • Seating Furniture.
  • Living-Room Furniture.

We also inspect in many other countries including India, Austria, Brazil and Slovakia.

For more information about Hungary Furniture Inspections, please contact:

Contact Person: Aidan Conaty

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Phone:(Europe/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919 ; (UK) +44.020.3287.2990 ; (North America) +1.518.290.6604


Goodada offers the following types of Hungarian Furniture lnspections.

Hungary Furniture Factory Audit

Hungary Furniture Supplier Verification

With Goodada's Hungary Furniture Supplier verification an auditor will visit the factory in Hungary and audit the supplier to establish if it is is a legitimate Furniture business that has suitable processes, machinery and facilities to make your furniture to the specifications which you require. During this process, the auditor will also check the quality control practices and exporting history of the factory.

Hungary Furniture QC

Furniture Inspection at the Factory in Hungary

This Quality Control Inspection is conducted after production has been completed of your furniture order. The inspector will visit the factory in Hungary to inspect the furniture for  quantities, sizes, packing and any other requirements. Any on-site assembly testing of the finished furniture can be conducted during this inspection. Aa report will be issued and it will highlight any issues and defects which the inspector has identified.


Hungary Furniture Loading Inspection

Hungary Furniture Loading

Our Furniture Loading checks are conducted when the furniture is being loaded at the manufacturer's premises in Hungary. During the time of loading, the inspector can ensure that the furniture is correctly packed, and the goods depart the factory in Hungary.

Hungary Furniture Production

Furniture Production Monitoring Services in Hungary

Furniture Production Monitoring in Hungary will provide you with reports on the volumes of furniture items manufactured along with updating you of any production issues with your furniture order. The on-site inspector can also follow up with the Production Manager to check when there will be a resolution to the problems discovered. This service is popular with clients who have time-sensitive orders.

Hungary Wood Inspection

Furniture Pre Production Checks in Hungary

Goodada's Hungary Furniture Pre Production Inspection checks the wood and other materials and components which will be used to make your furniture order. The inspectors can check that parts are to the specifications which are required. This inspection should be conducted before the factory in Hungary makes any furniture.


Hungary Furniture Freight Insurance

Hungary Furniture Cargo Insurance

Protect your furniture investment as it transits from the factory in Hungary to its final destination with Goodada's Hungary Furniture Cargo insurance. This insurance covers the total value of the furniture order. You also have options of getting covered for the cost of shipping, import taxes, and also cover for any potential lost profits.

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