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Container Loading Inspection - Our on-line inspection platform gives you a complete supply chain quality control system with your manufacturer. All our Container Loading Inspections will be provided with a report documenting all the findings, available to you on-line as quickly as possible. Have the goods visually inspected before they leave the factory. Have an inspector visit the factory during the loading time to check that your products are correctly loaded into the container and independently witness the container being closed and sealed before shipping.

What is a Container Loading Inspection?

When you order a Container Loading Inspection, the inspector will randomly identify cartons and verify that the quantity in the carton matches the order. The inspector will also check the packaging and labelling, including barcodes. This inspection is designed to reduce the risk of the goods being damaged during transport.


Key Advantages of a Container Loading Inspection

 1. Reduce the Risks

Container Loading Inspections check the actual quantity oproduct ordered is correctly and securely loaded into a container. It will reduce the risks of incorrect amounts of products being shipped to your required destination and the chances of receiving damaged products.

 2. Reduce the Costs

Container Loading Inspections will allow you to avoid paying suppliers for incorrect amounts of products shipped. It will also ensure that you avoid paying and sending a damaged product to your destination.

 3.  Maintain Quality

Having on-site checks while the product is loaded will allow you to maintain complete control over your supply chain. It will also send a message to your Supplier that you are always watching them.

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What is covered during a Container Loading Inspection?

  • Container Standards - all containers will be checked vigorously inside and outside before loading for damage or holes to determine if the container is fit for purpose.
  • Quantity - The Inspector will inspect the amount of your order being loaded as per the purchasing contract. All inspections use the standard internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) sampling size procedure. 
  • Weight - The Inspector can check the weight of samples and the container's weight after loading. 
  • Packaging - A sample can be checked to compare to original packaging specifications are maintained and meet all conditions agreed upon between supplier and buyer.
  • Shipping Marks - The Inspector will check shipping marks are correct as per the client's standards.
  • Onsite Test - The Inspector can have an on-site test analysis carried out by the supplier before loading.
  • Defect/ non-conformities - The Inspector will monitor the loading process. If any nonconformities are found, they will document this onto report findings. 
  • Container Loading - during the loading process inspector will examine how safe products are being loaded to identify any potential risks.
  • Definitive Seal - inspector will check the container is sealed up correctly and is ready for movement between factory and port.


Do I get a an Inspection Report?

Yes, you will receive a complete detailed report from 24 hours* of the inspection date. The information will include images of the inspection findings mentioned above, inspector remarks, and inspection results. Click here for a sample report    Sample Inspection Report  

**TIP**- for inspection to run smoothly, it is essential that enough time is allocated. Always plan for the worst-case scenario. What if a supplier delays an inspection? Or, the result of the inspection is a "Fail" due to loading nonconformities? Try to plan for sufficient days between the inspection date and the shipping date. Always Plan for the unexpected!!