About Goodada Inspections

Goodada Third-Party Inspection Services

A Global Quality Control Inspection & Audit Company

Goodada Inspections is one of the world’s leading Third-Party Quality Control Inspection and Audit firms. We work with companies from the world’s top global brands who seek to enhance their quality control processes to start-up firms looking for support to build a quality control process.

Goodada Inspections offers Audit & Quality Control Inspections in over 76 countries. We are experts at visiting locations to carry out a range of Inspection Services and Factory Audits.


A European owned Inspection Company

We are a European owned and managed Third Party Inspection and Audit company. Founded in Ireland in 2004, we started under the name of TCI China.  As our client base grew, we were asked to provide more quality control Inspections services across Europe and Asia.

In 2012, to reflect our global inspection coverage and offer clients an online experience, Goodada Inspections was established. Today, Goodada offers Third Party Inspection services and Audits in over 76 countries. We offer services across Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Goodada has become one of the world’s Top Third-Party Quality Control Inspection & Audit firms. We have clients from over 100 countries and employees from all corners of the world. 

We have customer support centres across Europe, Asia and North America. To contact Goodada, please visit our Contact Centre page.

Our Global Headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. In addition, Goodada has offices in China, UK, USA.


A Leader in online Quality Control Inspection Services

To enable its launch in 2012, Goodada received a significant endorsement when it received funding from the Government of Ireland and the European Union to design and build its online platform. These funds enabled Goodada to become Europe’s Top online Third-Party Quality Control Inspection and Audit firms.

Goodada’s inspection platform enables clients to book and coordinate their inspection orders.  Clients see the inspection results and access their inspection reports through the system.  This facility makes it easy for clients to manage their global quality control requirements.


Commitment to our Clients

Goodada’s aims to have an inspector or auditor at the location a client requests within 72 hours of booking. Our inspection coordinators can provide regular updates on the inspection progress and provide you with an inspection report within one day after the inspection completed.

Our focus is to offer and provide our clients with the best service possible. That is why every inspection order is assigned an Inspection coordinator. The role of an inspection coordinator is to assist our clients to get the most out of the inspection and giving follow up support, advice and guidance after the inspection has been conducted.


Commitment to our Staff

As one of the world's leading on-line Quality Control Inspection firms, Goodada values all its inspectors and employees. We see the firm as a leading ethical employee who believes in a fair wage for labour approach. We operate a zero policy of employee labour exploitation and undertake to protect the welfare of our employees in all locations of the world.

Goodada accepts that this policy may, in some circumstances, not make it able to offer the lowest price, but we believe that our clients will respect and appreciate the values behind this policy.

Goodada actively promotes gender equality and cultural diversity across the entire organisation.