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India Quality Control Inspections

India Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audit Inspection Services

India Quality Control Inspections - Goodada provides the peace of mind you need to continue to successfully and safely source products from India. Our Quality Goods Inspections & Factory Audit Inspections services are conducted at your supplier's premises. Our audit service reviews the supplier's factory, working conditions, finished goods quality, the manufacturer's capabilities to complete the required task, and a review of their quality control processes. Goodada's India Quality Control Inspection Services will save you time and money by reducing the cost of product failures and ensuring that products are manufactured to your required specifications and adhere to your local market laws and regulations. Goodada offers quality control inspections across 76 countries. To find out more, pleae visit out Global Inspections page.

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India Exports Overview

Sourcing products from India is becoming an essential part of most firms' global sourcing strategies. In 2019, India exported over USD$323.25 billion of products. Its biggest export partners are the US, who in 2019 purchased over $54.29 billion worth of goods from India. The European Union are second wit purchases of $49.9 billion, third was the UAE with $29.54 billion followed by China ($17.28 billion) and Hong Kong.India exports a broad range of products; however its biggest exports include Chemicals ($23.382 billion), Textiles & Apparel ($17.4 billion), Iron Aluminium & Steel Products ($14.94 billion), Plastics ($7.35 billion), Cotton ($6 billion), Fish ($6.3 billion).As India serves a wide range of markets, each with different product standards, it is important to have any potential supplier in India independently audited and verified to confirm that they have a history of exporting to your market. It is also vital to have all goods inspected before leaving the factory.


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Goodada offers the following types of India Audits & Quality Control Inspections.

India Factory Audit

India Seller Verification Inspection - India Quality Control 

When a client orders a Factory Audit, Goodada sends an inspector out to the seller’s location in India. The purpose of our India Factory Audit is to establish if this potential seller is a legitimate company and has the capability of manufacturing your products. The Audit will also assess the factories quality control systems, the factories manufacturing standards and the factories export records.

India Quality Control Inspection

Finished Goods Checks at Sellers Locations in India

An inspector will visit the sellers factory in India to conduct the Finished Goods Inspection. The objective of this Pre Shipment Inspection is to visually check the goods and confirm specifications, quantities, dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks. During this inspection, any on-site testing can be conducted or samples can be collected. If any problems are identified you can then address these issues with the factory before the goods are shipped.


India Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Checks & Inspections in India - India Quality Control

Most of our clients order this inspection along with the Finished Product Inspections. With this inspection, an inspector will visit the factory in India to supervise the loading process of your products into the shipping containers. The inspectors will confirm the quantities loaded and witness the goods depart the factory. Your inspection report will contain images and feedback over the different container packing phases.


India Production Supervision

India Factory Production Monitoring Services

Our inspectors can visit the factory during the production of your goods. During the time at the factory the inspector will provide you with daily updates on quantities made and advise you of any problems with the production. The on-site inspector will work with the production manager of the factory in India to ensure that your order is made to any pre-agreed schedule and specifications.


Materials Check India

India Raw Materials Inspection Services

Goodada's Early Production Inspection focuses the raw materials and machinery which will be used to make your order. This is the only stage where the raw materials can be checked to make sure that they meet your quality requirements, this is vital for a lot of products such as molded goods, steel products or furniture. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any of the raw materials, it should happen at this stage. 


India Child Labor Audit

Social Audits and Child Labour Checks in India

India has issues with worker welfare and the use of child labour. Ethical firms only want to have suppliers who adhere to the highest levels of employee welfare and corporate responsibility. Goodada's India Social Audit is used to evaluate a firm's working conditions, its code of conduct and its responsibilities to its employees. The purpose of Social Audit, which is part of Goodadas India Quality Control Services, is to promote, develop and maintain workplace practices that are socially acceptable. A Social Audit reassures your customers and suppliers that your business is socially accountable.


India Freight Insurance

Transport and Cargo Insurance for India Freight

Goodada's India Freight insurance will provide you with extra reassurance as your goods order transits from the factory in India to its ultimate destination. The insurance can cover shipping, import taxes, and cover any potential lost profits.

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