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UK Quality Control Inspection, Product Checks and Factory Audits

  • Have an inspector visit any location across the UK within 36 hours to conduct a inspection.

  • An inspection report will be available within 24 hours after the inspection has taken place.


Why choose Goodada to check goods in the United Kingdom

UK QC InspectionsGet goods checked at any location in the UK within 36 hours.

Why use Goodada QC InspectionsOur local inspectors can keep you updated on the progress of the inspections

Why use Goodada QC InspectionsAmend an inspection order upto 24 hours before the inspection takes place.

Why use Goodada QC InspectionsHave products and suppliers checked to international standards


Purchasing Products from the UK - Country Information

The United Kingdom is currently a member of the European Union. However it is expected to leave the EU in March 2019.

Since its decision to depart the EU, the UK pound has depreciated against other currencies. This has not lead to a meaningful increase in export business for the UK. The main export products of the UK are manufactured goods, food, chemicals, beverages and fuel.

Goodada’s UK Inspection services cover all of the above areas plus inspections of goods which have been already imported into the United Kingdom.

Employment in the UK is primarily in the service industry with 84% of UK employees working in the service industry. 15% of UK employment is in the manufacturing industry and just 1.5% of the available workforce employed in the agriculture industry.

Below are Goodada's most popular Inspection Services in the UK:


For more information about Goodada's UK Inspections please contact:

Contact Person: Aidan Conaty

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UK QC Inspections

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Phone:(Europe/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919 ; (UK) +44.020.3287.2990 ; (North America) +1.518.290.6604

UK Seller Checks

UK Company Audits (FA)

Do you have a new Seller or Customer in the UK? Goodada's most popular UK Inspection service is our UK Company Audit. We will visit the company anywhere across the UK to conduct an independent assessment of the company. This service is also popular when there is a dispute with a UK company, in this instance we visit the UK company to discuss the issue and find out if any resolutions are available. Please contact Goodada to find out more about this service. 

UK Product Loading Checks

UK Loading Checks (CLI)

Goodada's UK Loading Checks oversees the packing and loading of your goods at the warehouse or loading depot in the UK. You will receive a report as to the condition of the goods when they were loaded. Please visit Goodada's Container Loading Inspection page to learn out more about Goodada's UK Loading Checks.


UK Quality Control Inspector

Goods Checks in the UK (FGI) 

This is our second most popular service in the UK. It is used by those having issues with goods located in the UK. Our independent inspectors can go to any location in the UK and conduct an independent verification of the goods and provide a independent report on the goods which have been inspected. Order this inspection and within 36 hours Goodada's inspectors can call to the location anywhere in the UK. Please visit Goodada's Finished Goods Inspection page to learn more about Goodada's Checks in the UK.


United Kingdom Freight Cargo Insurance

UK Freight Insurance and Payments Service

Goodada's online UK Cargo & Freight Insurance offers your piece of mind. You can choose which insurance cover is best to protect you against all transport risks to and from the United Kingdom including the value of the goods which you have purchased and the cost of shipping, duties, and also up to 10% or even 20% extra to cover anticipated profit. Please click on our UK Freight Insurance link to learn more.

Avoid expensive banking costs and fees PLUS get great exchange rates using Goodada's International Payments Facility.