Inbound Cargo Inspection

Inbound Cargo Inspection

Inbound Cargo Inspection

Inbound Cargo Inspection - Many companies and purchase contracts require goods to be checked when they arrive at a vendor's designated warehouse or holding facility. Often, a Seller or Buyer may need that a third-party inspection agency to inspect this cargo. As Goodada offers quality control inspections across 75 countries, many of our clients ask us to conduct these inspections at their arrival centres worldwide.

Our inspection teams can conduct the outbound cargo inspection of the goods at the seller’s location and the inbound cargo inspection at the buyer’s locations.


Visual Inspection of the Inbound Cargo

Our inspectors will visit the warehouse or holding facility where the landed goods have been placed. The inspector will initially check and confirm the quantities match what is on the packing list. They will then conduct a visual inspection of the goods to check for defects or any noticeable damage.

They will also review and check the goods' packing and reject any goods that have damaged packing or packaging.

All our inspectors take photographs of the cargo and take additional photos of any goods identified as defective or have packaging issues.


Inbound Cargo Inspection - AQL Sampling Method

Quite often, it can be too costly to have every individual item of cargo inspected. It is especially true for large orders. In these circumstances, it is normal to have a sample of the products inspected. The results of the inspection of these sample items, the entire order may be classed as a PASS or FAIL.

AQL is the method used to determine the number of samples to inspect and the PASS / FAIL rates.

Unless a client requests a change, Goodada carries out its inspections to AQL General Level II. For more information about AQL, please visit Goodada’s AQL page, where you can learn about the sample quantities and the appropriate defect levels.


Inbound Cargo Sample Testing

Goodada's Inspectors conduct visual inspections at the inbound port or warehouse. If a client requires products to be tested, our inspectors can randomly select some of the products and organise them to be sent to an independent laboratory for testing.


Inbound Cargo Inspection - Types of Products

Goodada can inspect many different products, including soft-line and hard-line goods, scrap steel, fruit, vegetables and grains. Our inspectors can conduct a ship survey to witness products being unloaded from shipping containers. They can also visit warehouses to inspect any inbound cargo.


Countries where Goodada offers Inbound Cargo Inspections

Goodada offers inbound cargo inspections services in 76 countries. The regions covered include Europe, North America, South America, North Africa and Asia. We can send out inspectors to any warehouse or port. To find out more, please visit our 76 Inbound Cargo Inspection Countries page.


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Inbound Cargo Inspection

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Inbound Cargo Inspection Services

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