Code of Conduct Audit

Code of Conduct Audits

Code of Conduct Audit – A robust code of conduct should include a term that states that it is a requirement for a third-party agency, appointed by the company, to visit the Supplier or Buyer to check that they are adhering to the Code of Conduct. Goodada Inspections has provided a Code of Conduct Audit to its clients for over 15 years.

In the court of public opinion, if it is seen that a company is operating in an unfair, unjust, or unethical manner, then the company can face backlash from its customers. This can have severe consequences to a company’s image and eventually sales.
A Code of Conduct is a policy document used by a company to communicate its expectations and values concerning staff welfare, environmental impact, and social responsibility. 
Companies then issue this policy document out to their suppliers, and their customers, across their supply chain. Having its supply chain partners sign up to the policy and having their supply chain partners regularly audited by an inspection company indicates that the organization is serious about this policy and is also making its partners accountable to the policy.
Today, many large companies insist on their suppliers having a Code of Conduct Policy as part of their trading terms. Many suppliers must provide a copy of their Code of Conduct policy and provide clear evidence demonstrating that they actively ensure that their policy adheres across their own supply chains.
Many firms use Goodada’s Code of Conduct Audit services. Having a report conducted by an independent third-party Inspection company, such as Goodada inspections,  enables these firms to provide this evidence to their customers.
Since 2005, Goodada has provided Code of Conduct Audits as part of its Factory Audit Service. We provide a Factory Audit Service in over 76 countries across the world. Our trained Auditors can visit any factory to review their adherence to the code of conduct.
To learn more about the other inspection services that Goodada offers, please visit our Types of Inspections page.

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Supplier Code of Conduct Explainer Video

Supplier Audit Video

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Are you looking for a professional written Supplier or Buyer Code of Conduct Policy for your company? We have a team of specialists who can write a Code of Conduct Policy and accompanying Supplier documentation for your firm.


Goodada offers the following Support & Audit Services.

Code of Conduct Policy Services

Code of Conduct Writing Services

Code of Conduct Writing Services - Are you looking for a professionally written Supplier or Buyer Code of Conduct Policy for your company? We have a team of specialists who can write a Code of Conduct Policy and accompanying Supplier documentation for your firm. Our team can provide you with a policy within 48 hours.

Supplier Audit Verification Services

Supplier Audit Services

Supplier Audits are conducted at a supplier’s factory, storage facility, or processing unit. The Auditor checks and inspects the supplier's practices, quality control process, certification, and business history. We offer this service in over 76 countries and in the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. It is considered best practice to have your supplier audited every 24 months. Please visit our Supplier Audit service page. to learn more about this service.


Auditing a Buyer

Buyer Audit Services

Buyer Audit Services -  Many companies face the dilemma of not knowing if a new contact or customer inquiry is genuine. That is why many sales departments use Goodada's Buyer Audit and Verification services to conduct an independent visit and review of a potential customer. This service is very cost effective as provides background, and can avoid your firm wasting time and money engaging with unsuitable customers. To find out more about this service, please visit our Buyer Verification Audit service.


Social Audit for Ethical Trading

Social Audits

Social Audits - Firms today are expected to be accountable for the treatment of workers and the use of child labor by their supply chain partners. Ethical firms want to demonstrate to their customers and society that they only use suppliers who adhere to the highest levels of employee welfare and corporate responsibility. Goodada's Social Audit is requested by many of these firms who want to have an independent review and evaluation of the working conditions in their supplier's factories. The purpose of a Social Audit is also to encourage the suppliers to develop and maintain socially acceptable workplace practices.  A Social Audit reassures your customers and stakeholders that your business is socially accountable.


Supplier Audit Video

Supplier Audit Video

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