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Buyer Verification and Inspections

Buyer Verification and Inspections- An Buyer Verification Inspection is requested by many firms who want an independent review of an existing or potential customer for their goods or services.  Many firms want to avoid investing resources into a potential vendor who might be high risk or unsuitable for their company. Goodada offers Buyer Verification and Inspection services in over 76 countries.

Many of our client's firms request Goodada’s Inspection teams to visit and inspect many different locations of the same client. As a worldwide third-party inspection firm, we are delighted to accommodate these requests.


Visual Inspection at the Buyers Warehouse

Our inspectors can visit a buyer’s office, warehouse, or holding facility. Our inspectors will conduct a visual check of current stocks within their warehouses and observe any trade that occurred in the location during their visit.The inspector will also examine the buyer's trading history, payment processes, and importing capabilities. 


Buyer Inspection and Assessment – Reducing Buyer Trade Credit Risk

Many firms have often lost time and money because they have been unable to conduct a risk assessment on a buyer. A buyer might ask even firms with cash upfront trading relationship with a buyer to offer them credit terms.

This request can place a company in an awkward position. By allowing a Goodada Inspection team to visit a buyer, you can demonstrate that you take the buyer's request seriously by sending in an inspection team to conduct a trade credit risk assessment.

You can then use the inspector's report to support any decision that your firm concludes in terms of offering credit to a buyer.


Customer Verification and Inspections – Exclusivity Agreement Checks

Many firm sales teams are often approached by international buyers seeking an exclusivity agreement that gives them sole rights to import and sell a company’s goods in a defined country, territory or region. Many firms often seek Goodada’s Buyer Verification Services to review and assess a buyer's capabilities to operate an exclusivity agreement for the client's products.


Buyer Verification Checks and Inspection - Types of Buyers

Goodada can inspect buyers for clients who supply  many different goods, including soft-line and hard-line goods, scrap steel, fruit, vegetables, and grains. Our inspectors can assess any buyer based on what they are selling and storing in their warehouses and holding facilities.


Countries where Goodada offers Buyer Verification Inspections

Goodada can conduct Buyer Verification inspections services in over 76 countries. The continents covered include Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We can send our inspectors to any premises or facility.


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Buyer Verification Check and Inspections Services

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Other Third Party Services offered by Goodada (Click on Name)

Did you know that Goodada offers a broad range of Inspection services? Our teams of trained inspectors are trained to conduct the following inspections:

Inbound Cargo Inspections

Clients request an inspector to be at a warehouse or holding facility to check goods that have just arrived. The inspector will review and verify that the quantities match the packing list. They will then conduct a visual inspection of the goods to check for defects or noticeable damage.

Supplier Verifications and Audits

Our Inspectors can visit a factory or potential supplier to check if they are real and review their business.

A Supplier Verification and Audit service is conducted at the supplier’s factory or premises. Our Inspectors will review the seller's production capacity, quality management system, assess product quality, and identify workplace safety.

Early Production

This inspection focuses on the raw materials and components to be used to make your goods. These are checks to make sure that only approved materials are used in the production of your products.

During Production Inspection

Our inspectors can visit the production line in a factory when a client’s goods are being made.  Clients often request this inspection if they have had quality issues with previous orders or are experiencing communication issues with the supplier.

Pre Shipment Inspection

A Pre-Shipment inspection takes place after the goods have been made. The inspector will check a product for defects and quality standards.

Container Loading Inspection (Outbound)

The inspector witnesses the loading of the goods from the supplier's location.

Goodada Cargo Insurance

Protect your goods when they are being transported with Goodadas online Cargo Insurance service.