Quality Sorting Services

Quality Sorting Services

Quality Sorting Services – A shipment of your products arrive at its final destination. Your customer discovers that there are issues, defects or missing parts with the order. Your customer notifies you that there is a problem, and you must immediately fix it. What can you do to resolve this issue? Many firms use Goodada's Quality Sorting Service to sort the problem out.

We can send a sorting team to any location across Europe to sort the shipment of goods for you. Our trained team can open all the boxes and check every product. Suppose you need the goods to be moved out of your customer's warehouse for sorting. In that case, you can ship to our sorting facilities located in Portugal.

Goodada’s quality sorting service identifies defective products and separates them from non-defective products. Our team can then repack the products into Pass & Failed lots. We can conduct quality sorting services on many different types of products. We can work on small batches or large quantities, or bulk products.

If you are unsure of your products or materials in Europe, Goodada can provide you with effective quality sorting services. Please get in touch with us, and we would be happy to help answer any questions you have

Goodada provides inspections services in over 76 countries worldwide, including Africa,  Europe, the Middle EastAsia, and South America.

The benefits of using our Quality Sorting Services include:

  • Get a team of people to visit any warehouse in Europe to check your products.
  • You will rapidly receive information and details on the scale of the issues.
  • It demonstrates to your customers that you are actively working to resolve any issues.
  • Shows customers that you care about and value their business.
  • It saves you time and money of transporting good products goods back to where their origin.
  • It avoids dealing with Customs and any associated Import/Export requirements.
  • Protects your firm’s reputation.


Countries that we offer Quality Sorting Services are:


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Goodada offers the following types of Quality Sorting and Inspection services:

Defective Parts Sorting in Europe

Defective Sorting Services

The objective of our Defective Sorting Services is to visually check every product for defects and make sure that they conform to your product specifications.

Our teams are capable of conducting a 100% check and will sort your products into passed and failed lots. You provide us with a defective checklist which you would like the checking team to use to sort your products against, and then they can take care of the rest.

The team will check as many items as possible within the assigned working time against the defective checklist during the checking and sorting. You will receive a daily summary of the work which they have done.


Checking & Packing Service in Europe

Packing Services

Packing Services - Avoid the wasted cost of shipping packed and boxed products to Europe. Goodada's packing services enable you to save money by shipping bulk unpacked products to Europe and filling them individually in a facility in Europe.

Goodada's packaging services are flexible and tailored to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our European packing facility is located in Porto, Portugal.

Our service is flexible to enable our clients to use any packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. We are capable of handling small, medium and large volumes. Our processes are manual and semi-automatic to enable a fast-processing time.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of our clients to provide Goodada with the necessary packaging products and materials.


GhanEuropean Kitting Service

Kitting Services

Kitting Services – Many firms ship products to Europe and require a processing stage that turns them into saleable items. It can be as simple as adding new labels or marketing material or may involve repacking or some light assembly.

Goodada’s European Kitting Services are flexible and tailored to each customer's unique requirements. Our sorting facility is conveniently located near the port of Porto, Portugal. Tell us what your kitting needs are, and we will pack your products to meet these requirements. Out Kitting team can:

  • Pack products into sleeves or courier bags to meet your specifications.
  • Add printed materials with your goods, such as instruction manuals, information packs, promotional leaflets, or anything else that needs to be included.
  • Add labels directly to your goods or their packaging. These can be a change of language labels, European regulation Labels or local contact details.


Product Reworking Services

Reworking Service

Goodada’s European reworking services are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. Our teams can unpack, review, rework and repackage most types of products.

This service is suitable for products, parts, or components, that require basic reworking. Please note that inexperienced, untrained and uncertified people undertake the work. If detailed reworking is needed, we always advise our clients to use suitably qualified persons and tools for this work.

Please, contact Goodada today to learn more about this service.