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Check if s Seller is Legitimate

Verify a Seller on Alibaba

Verify a Seller on Alibaba. Over the years, Alibaba has developed a reputation for listing fake Sellers or sellers selling counterfeit products. Nowadays, many users of Alibaba are worried if the Seller they are in contact with is legitimate or has the correct stock they claim to have. So for many years, Goodada has been conducting checks on Alibaba Sellers for our clients. Goodada provides Supplier checks and Production inspections across 76 countries. As a European-owned and managed third-party inspection company, clients from across the world trust Goodada to verify their products or check a Supplier.


Goodada is a European-owned and managed third-party QC Inspection company with offices in Europe, Asia, America and the UK. We offer clothing inspections in over 76 countries


Check if a Seller is legitimate

Buyers worldwide have been using Goodada’s Seller Verification services to check if they are legitimate. Our inspectors can check many types of Sellers and provide you with the information you need to determine if they are genuine and suitable for your business.


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Check if a Seller on Alibaba is Legitimate

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Why do you need Goodada to Verify a Seller?

From time to time, people ask why they should use Goodada to verify a seller that they have found on the internet or at a trade show. Below are four prime reasons why this is a vital service: 

  • It reduces the chances of you losing money from buying from fake companies
  • You get an independent assessment and check of a Supplier
  • We can collect and verify government data*
  • We can report on any legal disputes or court cases that a supplier might have can be involved in*

* These services are only available in certain countries and jurisdictions.


Types of Seller Verifications that are available.

Budget Checks to see if Seller is Legitimate 

Desktop Seller Verification

A desktop Seller Verification is a budget service for people seeking a basic check on Sellers listed on websites such as Alibaba. Our inspection managers will verify a Seller's Business Licence, check the company's legal Chinese name. We do not visit the Seller to conduct a visual inspection.

Our Verification team can provide you with information within 24 hours after you have booked the service. Your report will provide you with details of all the information that has been collected. You can use this information to help determine if a Seller is legitimate.

The cost for this service starts from $125


Visit a Seller to check if they are legitimate

Seller Visit & Verification Checks 

A Seller Visit and Verification is a standard service that most firms use. It takes place at the Seller's facility or warehouse. We send an inspector to examine and review if the Seller is genuine, their production capability, and their quality control processes. A Seller Auditor will walk through the factory or warehouse to check the business activity and the machinery used and meet with the key personnel involved in the production of your products.  

Additionally, a Seller Audit can be used to verify if a potential seller to you is a real business. Our inspectors also verify and check the banking details, export licences and quality certification. This audit will also determine who is actually selling the products to you. This audit will advise you if you are buying from a trading company or directly from the factory.  To learn more, please visit our Supplier Audit page.

The cost for this service starts from $499


Code of Conduct Services in Pakistan

Seller Code of Conduct Policy Verification

Seller Code of Conduct Policy Verification. International buyers of goods sold from China or Alibaba expect that these goods are made to the best ethical standards. People do not want their products to be by exploiting workers, children or the environment. Anyone who buys goods from suppliers in China or other countries is held accountable if any exploitation is found to take place. It is a buyer’s responsibility to ensure the Seller respects their employees, their villages or towns and the local environment. 

Goodada conducts Supplier Code of Conduct Verification Services. We can send an auditor to a Seller to check that they are producing goods to the highest ethical standard. The reason is that consumers demand that companies who supply them with products are actively seen, with evidence, to oversee their Seller's activities and practices.

If you want more information about this service, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct.

The cost of a Seller Code of Conduct starts from $699