Transformer Inspection

Transformer Inspection

Transformer Inspection Services - A transformer is an electrical device which is used to change alternating current from one voltage to another. It can be designed to "step up" or "step down" voltages. A transformer contains no moving parts.  Goodadas Transformer inspectors can check and appraise the condition of a transformer. These inspections can ensure that any potential problems identified can be addressed prior to them causing serious failure.

Apart from transformers, our inspectors are also capable of checking tapchangers such as AE Tapchangers, AT & ATV Tapchangers, Legacy Tapchangers.

Transformer Inspection


The different types of Transformers Inspection which our Inspectors can conduct include:

  • Power Transformers
  • Traction transformers for EMU’s
  • Current limiting series reactors
  • Rectifier transformers
  • Furnace transformers
  • Transformers with dual secondary
  • Trackside transformers
  • System Inter-tie transformers
  • Auto transformers for railway

Our Inspectors can check transformers for

  • To confirm the correct Transformer Oil is used.
  • Traction Systems of the transformers
  • Conduct a Short Circuit Test
  • Conduct Noise Level tests on the transformers
  • Review the speed levels of the Fans
  • No-Load Losses checks

The inspectors can undertake during production inspections which occur as various components of the transformers are made. Items which they would inspect include:

Windings and Insulation - Transformer Inspection

The inspector can check the windings to ensure that they are made to strict dimensional tolerances. The inspector can also visit the storage are of the insulation to check that it is stored in a dust free temperature controlled environment.

Core and Coils

The inspector can check to ensure that the core and coils have been properly dried; this can include the inspector reviewing the records of the various stages of these all processes.

Final Assembly

The inspector can check the final assembly to check that the core and coils are fitted into the transformer tank and filled with oil under a vacuum.


Clients often ask for our inspectors to inspect the tanks which will be used in the transformer. Some clients require the inspector to verify and witness any stress and pressure tests which are conducted on the tanks.

Countries where Goodada offers these services are offered include:

  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Czechia
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • United Kingdom

For more information about Transformer Inspection, contact:

Contact Person: Aidan Conaty

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