Defect Sorting Service in Europe

Defect Sorting Service in Europe

Defect Sorting Services in Europe – You have recently sent an order to a customer in Europe. Then you receive a call from the customer complaining about problems with the order. The customer advises that there are defects and quality issues with the goods. You are told that you must organise and fix the problem straight away. Unfortunately, this issue happens to many firms that send products into Europe. Many are faced with the challenge of trying to fix the problem in a speedily and professional way. It can be expensive for many suppliers to return the goods back to them. So many contact Goodada and use our European Defect Sorting Service to sort the problem out.

Many of our clients want to collect the entire order from their customers warehouse and move it to a facility in Europe where the defect sorting can occur. Goodada provides our clients with this quality sorting service. We give them the address in Europe where they can send the goods, and then we can take care of the rest for our client.

Some other clients require a sorting team to go and conduct the defect sorting service at their customer's warehouse in Europe. Our experienced European sorting team can fly to any location across Europe and conduct the sorting checks for you. This can be a more expensive service for our clients as they have to cover the sorting teams transport, meal and accommodation costs.

Goodada’s Defective Sorting Service in Europe reviews and sorts through all products to determine the quantities of defective and non-defective goods. Once this has been done, you can request that the non-defective goods are repacked and made ready for resale. You can also decide what you would like to have done with the defective products. You may wish to have these products returned to you, or if simple adjustments are required, our sorting team can work to rectify the faulty products. Goodada can undertake defect sorting services on many different types of goods. We can offer solutions for small batches or large volumes of goods.

If you require Defect Sorting Services in Europe, please contact one of our team, and we would be delighted to answer any queries you have.

Goodada is a global Inspection firm. We offer quality control services in over 76 countries worldwide, including Africa,  Europe, the Middle EastAsia, and South America.

The benefits of using Goodadas Defect Sorting Services in Europe are:

  • Move an entire order out from the customer's warehouse to our European sorting facilities.
  • We can send a team of quality sorters to any facility or warehouse in Europe to check your products.
  • Get quick information and updates about the defects identified.
  • Have the ability to help show your customers in Europe that their complaints are being resolved.
  • Your customers will see that you value and care about their business. 
  • Keep the costs down by avoiding needing to return the products to you.
  • Our services are within the EU. This avoids expensive customs brokerage charges and fees.
  • This service enhances the reputation of your company within Europe.


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Goodada offers the following types of European Sorting and Inspection services:

Defective Parts Sorting in Europe

European Defective Sorting Services

The goal of our European Defective Sorting Services is to inspect every item for defects and ensure sure that they meet your product specifications.

Our European Defect Sorting team can undertake a 100% selection, review and sort of the items into approved and failed lots. All that we require from you is a checklist advising of what is approved and not approved. Armed with this, our European Sorting team can then sort out the good from the bad products.

If you send the products to our European Sorting facility, we can quote you on a job lot basis. If you require members of our sorting team to visit a warehouse across Europe to conduct the sorting service, we charge on a day by day rate. You will receive daily progress reports on the number of items and issues identified for each day of defect sorting.


Repacking Service in Europe

European Packing Services

European Packing Services - With the high cost of transport affecting all global trade. Many firms are looking at ways to reduce thei cost of transportation per item that they sell. Many now send unpacked and unboxed products to Europe. Goodada's European Packing Services allow firms to have the unpacked products boxed and packed in Europe after the completion of the high-cost transport phase. This service can offer significant cost savings to many firms. 

Goodada's European Packing Services are capable of being designed to meet the needs of our clients. Clients have the freedom to provide any type of packing or packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, rubber, wood, plastic or metal. Goodada's Packing teams can work on small, medium and large quantities. We incorporate both humans and machinery to ensure that we can offer a quick packing time.

PLEASE NOTE: The client who must provide the packing materials to Goodada.


European boxing Service

European Kitting Services

European Kitting Services – Many companies send goods to Europe which need an additional processing phase to make them suitable for sale. It can be as easy as attaching new European grade labels or marketing material, or it could require repacking or basic assembly.

Our European Kitting Services are easily adaptable and can be designed to meet a client's unique needs. Our European Sorting facility is conveniently located near one of the lower-cost ports in Europe. Our service can:

  • Put goods into sleeves or transport packing or whatever packing you require.
  • Include additional items such as instruction manuals, information packs, promotional materials, or anything else that needs to be packed with the products.
  • Attach European Market barcodes or labels directly to your products or their packaging. These can be country-specific.


Product Reworking Services in Europe

European Reworking Service

Have you sent defective products to Europe? Do you require minor repairs to be done on faulty goods? Goodada’s European Reworking Services are designed to meet the needs of our clients. OurEuropean team can unpack, check, rework and repackage most types of goods.

We can only offer this service for items, parts, or components, that need simple reworking. This work can done by inexperienced, untrained and uncertified workers. If you require technical reworking, then it is recommended that technically qualified persons and machinery are hired for the task. 

If you have a simple reworking requirement for goods in Europe, contact Goodada today to find out more about our services.