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Situated strategically within reach of multiple European trade route, Slovenia is a major European player for shipped goods, with $44.2 billion worth of exports shipped around the globe in 2018.


Due to this, sourcing goods from Slovenia has become a vital part of European and global supply chains.


As with any foreign market however, when sourcing products and services from Slovenia, buyers must perform their due-diligence and ensure that the products are of the highest quality and comply with all local laws and regulations as well as the laws and quality standards of their target markets.


Goodada’s Slovenia Factory Audits are conducted at your chosen supplier’s factory. Having a factory audited with Goodada prior to placing an order with a potential seller, you will significantly reduce the risk of purchasing poor quality products or becoming a victim of fraud.


The purpose of an Slovenian Factory Audit is to assess a manufacturer’s capabilities, review their quality control processes and review the workplace environment & conditions of the factory.


Goodada’s Slovenian Quality Control Inspections aim to save you both time and money by significantly reducing the cost of product failures and ensuring that products are manufactured to your required specifications at every stage. Inspections can be conducted at any factory in Slovenia.


Goodada’s Slovenia Container Loading Inspections will ensure that your products have been correctly loaded and dispatched from the factory in Slovenia. Container Loading Inspections are vital when payment is required by the seller upon dispatch of products from their factory in Slovenia.

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Goodada offers the following types of Slovenia Quality Control Inspections.

Quality Control in Slovenia


A Factory Audit is conducted at your seller’s factory. The purpose of a Factory Audit is to determine if your potential supplier is a legitimate company and has the capability of manufacturing your products. The Audit will also assess the factories quality control systems, the factories manufacturing standards and the factories export records. Click Here to find out more....

Goods Inspections in Slovenia


A Finished Goods Inspection is conducted at your seller’s factory when 80% of your order has been made. The purpose of a Finished Goods Inspection (or Pre Shipment Inspection) is to visually check product specifications, product quantity, product dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks. During this inspection any on-site testing can be conducted or samples can be collected to be independently tested. If any problems are identified you can then address these issues with the factory before the goods are shippedClick Here to find out more....


Container Loading Slovenia


A Container Loading Inspection is conducted when the products are being loaded at the port or factory. During the time of loading the inspector can check that your products are correctly loaded and the container is securely closed and sealed prior to shipmentClick Here to find out more....


Testing Goods in Slovenia


A During Production Inspection is conducted when the goods are in the process of being manufactured. The purpose of a During Production Inspection is to update you on expected production completion timesClick Here to find out more....


Prodution Monitorin Slovenia


Production Monitoring will provide you with daily updates on quantities produced plus inform you of any issues with your order. The on-site inspector will work with the production manager of the factory to ensure that your order is made to any pre-agreed schedule and specifications. Click Here to find out more....


Slovenia Early Production Quality Inspection


An Early Production Inspection focuses the raw materials and machinery which will be used to make your order. This is the only stage where the raw materials can be checked to make sure that they meet your quality requirements. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any of the raw materials, it should happen at this stage. Click Here to find out more....


Audits in Slovenia


A Social Audit is used to evaluate a firm's working conditions, its code of conduct and its responsibilities to its employees. The purpose of Social Audit is to promote, develop and maintain workplace practices that are socially acceptable. A Social Audit reassures your customers and suppliers that your business is socially accountable. Click Here to find out more....



Slovenia Freight Insurance


Save Money with our International Payments. Reduce banking fees and get better exchange rates. Click Here to find out more...

Cargo insurance protects the owner of the goods for the full value of their investment against all risks and can include not only the full value of the goods, but also the cost of shipping, duties, and also up to 10% or even 20% extra to cover anticipated profit. Click Here to find out more...