FAQ for Inspection Service on Goodada.com

01 July 2018

1. What is Goodada.com's Inspection Service?
Goodada.com’s Inspection Service allows you to order inspection services from 3rd party inspection companies directly via the Internet through 
http://inspection.Goodada.com.  When an inspection order has been placed and paid an inspector will visit the Seller, Factory or port to conduct the inspection. They will issue a report which will include photos and comments to confirm their findings.

Goodada.com offers the following types of inspections:
• Early Production Inspection – Focuses on the Raw Materials and machines that are to be used to manufacture the products.

• During Production Inspection – Focuses the processes and products being produced so that any problems can be uncovered at an early stage and reduce the likelihood of time delays.

• Final Goods Inspection (Pre Shipment) – This is a random inspection that focuses on inspecting the finished goods to confirm that they match to your requirements and specifications.

• Container Loading Inspection – Focuses on inspecting the loading process, inspect the condition of the container, the quantities of the product, ensuring the proper handling of your goods as they are being loaded

• Factory Audit – Focuses the factory’s capabilities, management and operating procedures.

• Supplier Verification – Focuses on verifying that the supplier is real and legitimate.
• Other services are available as specified by Inspectors.

2. Why use Goodada.com's Inspection Service?
Inexpensive & Dependable Inspectors 
Every Inspection company and their suitability are checked by Goodada.com. Each inspection company is committed to charging a competitive price for their inspection services. 
Safe Online Payment 
Goodada.com payment service ensures that any payment you make is safe. Goodada only releases the payment to the inspection company 7 days after the inspection report has been uploaded onto Goodada. 

3. How does the Inspection Service work?

(1) The buyer places an order on the Inspection Service. 
(2) The inspector confirms the inspection requirements and pricing details. 
(3) The buyer pays the inspection fees in full, which will be held by Goodada. 
(4) The inspector carries out the inspection and submits the inspection report online through the 
(5) The buyer receives an email and reviews the inspection report through inspection.goodada.com

4. Who can use the Inspection Service?
Any registered Goodada.com user can order an inspection services.

5. How long does it usually take between ordering an inspection and when inspection takes place?
It usually takes around 48hours from receipt of payment.

6. How do I keep updated on an inspection order?
You will receive automated emails if there are any changes or updates to your inspection status. When you log onto your inspection control panel you will see colour codes which represent the status of your inspection

7. When can I change my inspection order?
You can only change your inspection order before it has been confirmed by the inspector.

8. Are there any additional fees such as service fees to the price quoted by the inspector when Goodada.com is used?
No, the buyer only pays for the inspection price that has been quoted. Goodada.com does not charge any additional fees. 


9. How does payment work for the Inspection Service?
a) Which payment methods are acceptable? 
Bank Transfer 
American Express
b) When do I need to pay? 
You have to make full payment within 30 days of the inspection company confirming your inspection. If payment is not received within this time period, your order is automatically cancelled. 
c) When is the payment released to the inspection company? 
7 days after the inspection company has uploaded the inspection report.

10. When is the inspection report uploaded?
The inspection report is usually uploaded within 72 hours from the completion of the inspection.

11. When should is the payment released to the inspection company?
The payment is automatically released 7 days after the inspection report has been uploaded onto Goodada.

12. What if I am unsatisfied with the inspection?
If you are unsatisfied with the inspection, you can submit a refund request with the inspection company who conducted the inspection.

13. What should I do if the inspector rejects my refund request?
If the inspection company refuses your refund request, you must take the following actions within 7 days: 
 - Modify the request in any manner you choose, which may or may not involve changes to the amount requested, and re-submit the refund request. 

-  Get written confirmation from the inspection company as to the reason that they are rejecting your refund request

If after you have requested a refund payment it is refused you can then:

- Ask Goodada.com to make an independent decision based on the evidence provided by both sides. Both parties must agree to Goodada’s decision.