China Fruit Surveyor Inspections

China Fruit Vegetable Inspection Survey

China Fruit Surveyor Inspections

China Fruit Surveyor Inspections. China is a global powerhouse in the trade of fruit and vegetables. Last year, China imported over 7.5 million tonnes of fresh fruit. Thailand, Chile, Vietnam, South Africa and the USA are the leading countries that sent fruit to China. The most common fruit imported into China is Bananas and Durian. The main export destinations of fruit from China are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Germany. Last year, Chinese fruit exports amounted to 3.75 million tonnes of produce. Since 2004, Goodada has been providing quality control inspections across China. The clients who require our reviews are fruit exporters, fruit importers, fruit traders and insurance brokerage companies servicing the fruit industry. Our QC teams can check all types of fruit, including fresh, chilled, frozen and processed items.

Goodada has a dedicated Fruit Survey and Inspection Service. We operate in many countries, including VietnamSingaporeSpainGermany, France, South Africa,  South AmericaAfrica, the UAE, and Asia. Our clients can utilise our global network of Fruit Surveyors and Inspectors. It ensures comprehensive monitoring and reporting on temperature-controlled items as their transit across the supply chain. 


Chinese Fruit Inspectors

Chinese Fruit Inspectors. Goodada offers clients a complete set of fruit quality control inspections and surveys across all parts of China. Our Chinese QC teams have years of experience checking and reporting on fruit. Our Inspectors can visit any farm, processing facility, storage location or port anywhere in China to undertake a fruit quality inspection or claim survey.


Contacts for China Fruit Surveyor Inspection Services:

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Fruit Surveying Services in China

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Types of Fruit we Inspect in China.

Our Chinese QC Fruit Inspectors can inspect many types of fruit, including:

  • Citrus - Oranges, Lemons, Meyer Lemon, Clementines, Limes, Grapefruits
  • Berries - Strawberries, Bayberry, Blackcurrants,  Redcurrants, Blueberries, Cranberries, Blackberries, Cherries
  • Tropical - Bananas, Durian, Dragon Fruit, Mangos, Papaya, Pineapples, Coconuts, Kiwi
  • Daily - Persimmons, Apples, Lychees, Pears, Grapes, Melons, Plumbs, Peaches, Watermelons


Fruit Quality Inspection Services in China

Fruit Quality Inspection Services in China. Fruit traders hire Goodada to conduct fruit quality inspections across all parts of China. One of the many reasons clients use our inspection services is because we provide them with a "one-stop" solution for their international fruit quality control and supplier compliance requirements. When one of our fruit inspectors in China checks fruit, they assess it in the following categories::

  • Dimension
  • Presentation
  • Condition
  • Looks and Colour
  • Quality and defects
  • Physical deformities
  • Insect attack
  • Certification
  • Measurement and Weight
  • Tally
  • Labelling and Packaging
  • Sweetness and Temperature

Our clients receive a comprehensive report outlining the results, including images of the fruit.  


The following types of Fruit Surveyor Inspections are available in China.

 China Fruit and Vegetable Inspection

Fruit Inspections in China

Fruit Inspections in China. Very often, fruit traders request Goodada to despatch one of our Fruit inspection team members to check a fruit order at a farm or processing facility in China. Goodada is a European-owned quality control inspection company with fruit inspectors and surveyors located in many countries across the world. Our global network of inspectors enables our fruit clients to have a company monitoring their fruit from farm to fork. Our fruit QC Inspectors in China can verify the state of the fruit and how it is prepared and packed, plus check any labelling or shipping marks. Many clients also request our inspection teams to review the BRIX, colour reference and fruit core temperatures. Our inspectors can work on fresh, chilled, frozen or processed fruit. For additional about these services, you will find the contact details of a Goodada representative on this page.


China Fruit Loading Surveyors 

Fruit Loading Inspections across China

Fruit Loading Inspections across China. This service is sought by many fruit traders sourcing from China. China is one of the world's largest producers of fruit. It also is a significant exporter of apples, grapes, pears and processed fruit. It ships fruit to many countries across the world. Many traders who source fruit from China ask Goodada to despatch a surveyor or inspection team to a facility or farm in China. They ask that the inspector check the fruit's quality, condition and temperature. Many also request that the inspector checks that packaging and labelling meet their import requirements. Goodaad's China QC teams can inspect fresh, chilled, processed or frozen fruit. We also review vegetable products. For more information, please go to Goodada's Container Loading Inspections page.


China Inbound Fruit Inspection 

Unloading Inspections of Fruit in China

Unloading Inspections of fruit in China. China is a significant importer of fruit and temperature-controlled products. It is one of the largest markets in the world and is a "go-to" destination for many fruit growers and exporters. Chinese people adore Fresh fruit and enjoy trying fruits which cannot be grown in China. Last year, China imported over 15 billion dollars worth of fruit. The main fruits include bananas, durians, apples, grapes and citrus fruits. Many firms that export to China often request an independent inspector to be present to check and verify the condition of the fruit as it is unloaded into a warehouse or storage facility in China.

A Goodada inspector will inspect the fruit's quantity, condition and temperature. A client will receive a formal document detailing the conduction of the fruit with images. This service is popular with people who want to reduce the likelihood of false or exaggerated claims of poor quality fruit from Chinese importers. Please visit our Inbound Products Inspection page to get more information about this service.


China Fruit Quality Control Inspector

Fruit Surveyor Inspections in China

Fruit Surveyor inspections in China. Did you get a delivery of decaying fruit from China? Have you received complaints about an order of fruit sent from China to a customer in another country? Have you received a shipment of fruit from China that is in poor condition? Do you need an urgent report on the situation and state of a fruit or temperature-controlled delivery? Are you involved in an insurance claim and require an assessment from a fruit surveyor in China? If your reply to any of these scenarios is "yes". In that case, Goodada's China Fruit Surveyor Inspections services are ideal for you. 

As our inspectors are located across all parts of China, we can send someone to any warehouse or processing facility in China to check any Fruit. Our inspectors can also cross-check the supply chain to determine what caused the fruit to spoil. You will get a comprehensive report mapping the evidence and findings from the surveyor.

Checking Supplier code of Conduct in China

Chinese Fruit Suppliers Code of Conduct Checks

Chinese Fruit Suppliers Code of Conduct Checks. Many people across the worked require that the fruit sourced from China be grown and packed under the highest ethical standards. International consumers of Chinese fruit fully expect that there has been no abuse or exploitation of children, minorities or prisoners to produce the fruit that is exported from China. People also demand no exploitation or damage done to the environment or local ecosystem in terms of air, soil or water pollution. Today, companies that source fruit from China are expected to face proper public scrutiny. And are held fully accountable in the vent that a producer in China has profited from exploiting people, animals or the environment. 

Nowadays, all firms who source fruit from China must have records of providing these Chinese Suppliers, in writing, their ethical trading expectations. It is generally in the form of a Code of Conduct Policy. 


So, many international companies that source fruit from China use Goodadas Code of Conduct Compliance services. With this service, the Goodada team will write a Code of Conduct Policy for you to issue to the fruit Suppliers in China. Afterwards, our Audit teams will visit the Suppliers at their facilities to check and report on the supplier's adherence to the code of conduct. These reports will prove that your firm takes ethical trading seriously and is achieving in monitoring its Suppliers. It is recommended that a site visit be conducted every 18 months. If your firm needs support in this area, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct page.