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Spain Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audits

Spain Quality Control Inspection - Spain Exports dropped by 3% from 2018 to 2019. Last year its exports amounted to $337.2 billion worth of goods. Spain is not only one of Europe's large economies, but it is one of the largest trade markets globally. Spain has both historical and cultural links with Central and South America. It is seen as the gateway into Europe for that region. Goodada’s Spain Quality Control Inspections will save you money and time by checking that products are manufactured to your exact specifications every time. Spains largest exports include vehicles, Fruits, Nuts, Apparel & ClothingFurniture, Food, Electrical and Chemicals.


Spains largest export markets including its surrounding neighbours Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, but its non-European destinations include Mexico, Brazil, Morocco and the USA.


When sourcing from Spain or any foreign market, buyers must do all they can to ensure that the products they are purchasing meet all of their quality expectations and comply with the laws and regulations of both the supplier’s local market and their target customers market. Goodada Inspections offer quality control inspections across 76 countriesincluding EuropeAsia and South America.


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Goodada offers the following types of Spanish Control Inspections.

Factory Quality Control Inspection in Spain

Seller Verification and Factory Audits in Spain

Our Inspectors go to the seller's warehouse or factory in Spain to check and verify if this seller is a legitimate company with a verifiable trading history. The inspector can also audit the factory to check if it is suitable to make goods according to the standards you require. The inspector will also check the QC processes and production standards. Please click on Goodada's Spanish Seller Verification & Audit Services to find out more.

Spain QC Inspector

Product Inspections in Spain

Goodada's Product Inspection Services is conducted at your seller’s factory in Spain when production has been completed. The purpose of the inspection is to visit the Spain supplier to visually check product specifications, product quantity, product dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks. Click here to find out more about Goodada's Finished Goods Inspections in Spain.


Spain Inspections - Loading

Loading Checks and Inspections in Spain

Goodada's Spain Loading Checks and inspection is conducted when the products are being loaded at the seller's warehouse or factory in Spain. During the loading the inspector can check that your products are correctly loaded and packing onto any truck or container. The inspector can also witness the truck depart the supplier's location.

If you are shipping goods to Spain, Goodada also can check goods when they arrive into a warehouse anywhere in Spain. To find out more about this inspection, please visit Goodadas Inbound Cargo Inspection


Production Monitoring Inspection in Spain

During Manufacturing Inspection in Spain

Are you experiencing delays with your order in Spain? Do you feel that there is poor communication between your company and the supplier in Spain? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then a Spain During Production Inspection is the best type of inspection to resolve these issues. The inspector can visit the supplier in Spain and update on the timelines of the order and discuss with the supplier any problems you need to have addressed with the supplier.


Inspectors in Spain

Production Monitoring at a Factory in Spain

This Spain Quality Control Inspection service is used by companies experiencing ongoing quality issues with their suppliers in Spain. A Production Monitoring Inspection will involve an inspector going to and staying at the factory during the production of your goods. The inspector can work with the factories internal QC team to improve their QC work for your products.


Spain QC Inspectors

Raw Materials and Parts Checks in Spain

Our Spain Quality Control Inspection - Raw Materials Inspections is requested by clients who want to ensure that the correct raw materials will be used to make the order. This inspection is also known as a Pre Production Inspection as the inspector in Spain will visit the factory and check the parts and components which are to be used to make your products. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any of these components or parts, it should happen as no production will begin.


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Freight Insurance Services for Transporting Goods from Spain

Are you making payments to Suppliers in Spain? Avoid paying high bank fees and rates when converting currency. Goodada's International Payments Service will save you lots of money. 

Do you want to avoid the costs of receiving products which have been damaged during transport? Goodada's Online Freight Insurance Services can cover you for the cost of the products and other costs as your goods are transit from Spain.