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Netherlands Furniture - Dutch furniture accounts for 0.8% of the countries total exports. The Central Union of Furniture manufacturers (CBM) is one of the leading Furniture associations. Goodada's Netherlands Furniture Quality Control Inspections services offer QC Inspections on all types of Furniture anywhere in the  Netherlands. To find names of furniture manufacturers in the Netherlands, please visit Cour Dutch Manufacturers CBM listing


Netherlands Export Analysis

In 2019, the Netherlands exported $4.9 billion worth of Furniture. It makes the Netherlands the 10th largest exporter of Furniture in the world with Czechia one place ahead of it and France one place below it. Europe is the primary market for Dutch furniture, however, the USA imported $149 million and China purchased $121 million worth of furniture in 2019. 

The main furniture products which are made in Malaysia include:

  • Design Furniture
  • Sleeping Area Furniture
  • Upholstery Furniture
  • Hospitality Furniture
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Residential Furniture

Apart from the Netherlands Goodada also provides QC Inspections in France, Romania, Denmark and Sweden.

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Goodada offers the following types of Netherlands Quality Checks.

Netherlands Furniture Factory Audit

Netherlands Furniture Factory Audit

The purpose of ordering a Furniture Factory Audit in the Netherlands is to ensure that the company is real and can manufacture furniture products. During a Factory Audit, the inspector checks the quality control systems, production standards and the manufacturers exporting history. It is vital to have an audit conducted on any seller as it can provide you with an independent assessment of any potential supplier for your furniture supply chain.

Netherlands Furniture QC

Finished Furniture Inspection

This inspection is our most popular furniture inspection in the Netherlands. Our inspector visits the sellers location anywhere in the Netherlands after it has completed the production of your furniture order and checks the furniture  specifications, quantities, dimensions, packing requirements, user manual and shipping marks. If you require the inspector to conduct any additional checks, our team will be more than happy to discuss these requirements with you.


Netherlands Furniture Loading Inspection

Netherlands Furniture Packing Inspection

Our inspectors visit the factory in the Netherlands to check your furniture products as they are loaded onto trucks or shipping containers. The inspector can check with the factory and make sure that the goods are packed according to your requirements.


Netherlands Furniture Production Supervision

Netherlands Furniture Manufacturing Monitoring

Furniture Production Inspection keeps you updated on the progress of your order in the Netherlands. The on-site inspector will work with the production manager of the furniture factory in the Netherlands to ensure that your order is made to any targeted specifications and timelines. The inspector will be able to inform you of any issues or bottlenecks with your furniture order. The on-site inspector can also advise the factory manager in the Netherlands of any problems.


Dutch Wood Inspection

Furniture Materials Inspection (RM)

Goodada's Dutch Furniture Pre Production Inspection checks the materials such as timber and components which will be used to make your furniture products. It is the best stage to check that any wood is dried correctly so that its moisture levels meet your required targets. Our inspectors conduct this inspection before any production has commenced.


Netherlands Furniture Freight Insurance

Dutch Furniture Freight Insurance

Dutch Furniture Freight insurance protects the owner of the cargo for the total amount against all risks. It can include not only the total cost of the Furniture, but also the cost of shipping, duties, and also up to 15% extra to cover anticipated profit.