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The Polish furniture industry plays a significant cant role in its economy. In 2018, more than 28,000 companies connected with furniture manufacturing were registered in Poland who employee over 160,000 people. Did you know that Poland is ranked 3rd in the global list of furniture exporting countries? The high quality of the furniture manufactured in Poland and relatively low costs are the main contributing factors to the success of its exports. Goodada offers Furniture Quality Control Inspections across all of Poland. Our inspectors and consultants have expertise in qc inspecting and checking Living Room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining Room furniture, Bathroom furniture, Outdoor furniture.

Poland Furniture Exports

In 2019 Poland exported over USD $14.69 billion of furniture products. Its biggest export market is Germany who in 2019 purchased over $5 billion worth of furniture from Poland. The German furniture market is almost 5 times larger when compared to its second largest furniture market which is the Czech Republic at $1 billion followed by the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.Poland manufactures all types of furniture including Upholstered furniture, Living-room and dining-room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Mattresses, Office furniture, Hard seat furniture, Medical furniture and furniture parts.Out of the 28,127 furniture companies in Poland, 85 entities are large companies with more than 250 employees, 306 entities are medium-sized companies (50–249 employees), 1,303 are small companies and 26,433 accounts for micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees.

To find the names of Poland Furniture Manufacturers, please click on Goodada’s Link to Poland Furniture Factories

Goodada inspects many other types of goods across Poland. To find our more please visit our Poland Inspections page. We also provide Furniture inspections across many countries including China, Germany Italy and Mexico.

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Goodada offers the following types of Poland Furniture Inspections & Audits.

Poland Furniture Factory Audit

Poland Furniture Factory Inspection and Audit Services

Goodada's Poland Furniture Factory Audit is conducted at the manufacturer's factory in Poland. The purpose of auditing a potential furniture manufacturer in Poland is to determine if the supplier is a legitimate company and has the capability of manufacturing furniture to the specifications and standards which you require. The audit will also assess the factories quality control systems, the factories manufacturing standards and the factories export records. It is one of the most popular of Goodada's Poland Furniture Inspection services.

Poland Furniture Inspectorl

Furniture Quality Control Inspection (FGI) 

You should have a Furniture Inspection is conducted at your seller’s factory in Poland when all the furniture parts have been completed. The purpose of a Finished Goods Inspection is to visually check the dimensions, moisture content,  specifications, quantity, components, packing and shipping marks for each category of furniture. During this inspection, any on-site testing e.g. moisture content or weight tests can be conducted.


Poland Furniture Loading Inspection

Poland Furniture Container Loading Supervision

Goodada's Poland Furniture Container Loading Inspection is very popular with our furniture clients. It is conducted when the furniture is being loaded at the factory in Poland. During this time the inspector can supervise to make sure that your furniture products are packed as per your instructions and the container is securely closed and sealed before shipment.