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Germany Furniture Quality Control - German furniture accounts for only 1.2% of the countries total exports. In 2019, Germany exported $17.9 billion of furniture. It is the 2nd largest exporter of furniture in the world with China being in 1st place. The main export destinations for German Furniture products are France, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Goodada's Germany Furniture Quality Inspection services offer QC Inspections across the entire furniture range including Upholstered furniture, Living-room Furniture, Dining-room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Mattresses, Office furniture and Kitchen Furniture. German furniture is targeted at the upper-class market who consider "Made in Germany" to represent modern, creative and of high quality . 

The main furniture products which are made in Germany include:

  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Seating Furniture
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Office & Shop Furniture
  • Furniture Accessories

Goodada can inspect many different products in Germany. We also provide furnitre Inspections in many other countries including ChinaPoland and Italy

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Goodada offers the following types of German Furniture Inspections.

Germany Furniture Factory Audit

Germany Furniture Supplier Audit

A Furniture Supplier Audit takes place at the factory in Germany. The purpose of this audit is to check if your potential supplier, in Germany, is a legitimate company, and has the capability of making the furniture to the standards which you require. The audit will also review the suppliers quality control systems, production standards and its exporting records.

Germany Furniture

Completed Furniture Production Inspection

A Completed Furniture Production Inspection is conducted at the factory in Germany. This inspection focuses on the furniture specifications, quantities, dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks of the order. Any on-site testing can be conducted, or samples can be collected and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. Your inspection report will highlight any problems or issues identified by the inspector during the inspection.


Germany Furniture Loading Inspection

Germany Furniture Loading Checks

Our Furniture Loading Checks are conducted as the furniture is being loaded at the factory in Germany. As the goods are being loaded, the inspector can supervise to make sure that the goods are packed to your requirements and record the times which the furniture depart the factory in Germany.


Germany Furniture Production Supervision

Furniture Production Monitoring

With our Germany Furniture Production Monitoring, you will receive daily updates on the quantities of furniture items produced plus inform you of any issues or bottlenecks with your furniture order. The on-site inspector will work with the production manager of the furniture factory in Germany to ensure that your order is made to any targeted specifications and timelines.


Germany Wood Inspection

Furniture Raw Materials Inspection (RM)

A Furniture Raw Materials Inspection focuses the raw materials such as wood and parts plus the machinery which will be used to make your furniture order. It is the only stage where the moisture content of the wood can be checked to make sure that it meets specifications. Before production commences, the inspector will visit the factory and check the selected materials which will be used to make your goods.


Germany Furniture Freight Insurance

Furniture Freight Insurance

Furniture Freight insurance protects the owner of the goods for the full value of their investment against all risks and can include not only the full amount of the furniture, but also the cost of shipping, duties, and also up to 10% or even 20% extra to cover anticipated profit.