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Laos Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audits

The Lao People’s Republic, located in south-east Asia, exported an estimated $4.7 billion across the globe in 2017. Over one-quarter of these exports are mineral fuels such as oil, while other commodities are electrical machinery, wood, and rubber.
The population of Laos is 7.5 million people, of which the population between the ages of 15 - 54 years of age is 58.89%. Laos is considered one of the least densely populated countries in South East Asia. The GDP per capita is $7,400 ppp.
It is the responsibility of those firms sourcing goods from Laos to make sure that theses goods are ethically produced and meet the regulatory standards of the country in which the products will be sold.
Goodada’s conducts Social Audits and Inspections at the seller's premises in Laos. The purpose of a Laos Social Audit is to ensure that the manufacturer in Laos is not using child labor and is providing its employees with a safe working environment that meets local legal obligations.
Goodada’s Laos Quality Control Inspections focus on the products you are sourcing and the inspector checks to see that they are made to the specifications you require.
Our Laos Container Loading Checks are focused on making sure that your products are loaded and packed into the shipping containers according to any requests which you have made.

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Laos Quality Control Inspection

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Goodada offers the following types of Audits & Quality Control Inspections in Laos.

Laos Factory Audit


Our Factory Audit Checks are undertaken at the manufacturers' premises in Laos. The inspector audits the manufacturer to determine if it is legitimate and can manufacturer your goods to the standards you require. The Audit will also assess the factories' quality control systems, the factories' manufacturing standards, and the factories' export records.

Laos Product Inspections


A Finished Goods Inspection is conducted at your seller’s factory when 80% of your order has been made. The purpose of a Finished Goods Inspection (or Pre Shipment Inspection) is to visually check product specifications, product quantity, product dimensions, packing requirements, and shipping marks. During this inspection any on-site testing can be conducted or samples can be collected to be independently tested. If any problems are identified you can then address these issues with the factory before the goods are shippedClick Here to find out more....


Laos Loading Supervision


A Container Loading Inspection is conducted when the products are being loaded at the port or factory. During the time of loading the inspector can check that your products are correctly loaded and the container is securely closed and sealed prior to shipmentClick Here to find out more....


Production Supervision Laos

Manufacturing Monitoring (PM)

Our inspectors can visit the factory in Loas when your goods are in the process of being manufactured. The on-site inspector can liase with the factory representivie to find out if any issues or delays have occured to your order. You will be updated with the findings from the inspector from their visit.


Raw Materials Inspection Laos

Pre Production Checks (EPI)

Our Pre Production Checks focus on the materials which will be used in the manufacture of your order. This is the only stage where the raw materials such as wood and timber moisture contents can be tested before they are used to make your goods. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any of the raw materials, it should happen at this stage. 


Laos Child Labor

Laos Social Audit

Alot of firms want to ensure that they are sourcing from manufacturers who do not use child labour and their employees work in a safe and dignified environment. Our Loas Social Audit has been designed to review the manufacturer under SA8000 guidelines. A Social Audit reassures your customers and suppliers that your business is socially accountable. Click Here to find out more....


Cargo Insurance Laos


Making payments to Laos? Reduce the costs of sending money to Laos with Goodada International Payments

Reduce the risk of loss or damage to your products as it is being transported from Loas to its final destination. Goodada Cargo Insurance protects the owner of the goods for the full amount of the  goods.