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Garment and Apparel Quality Checking in Pakistan

Pakistan Clothing Quality Control Services

Pakistan Clothing Quality Control Services – Pakistan is one of the world's leading clothing and garment producers. Many global fashion houses and international clothing companies source a wide range of garments and clothing products from Pakistan. Last year Portugal exported over $7.8 billion worth of clothing and garment items. The USA, the UK, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands are the main destinations for clothing from Pakistan. As a leading clothing and garment Inspection firm, Goodada has offered expert garment and clothing quality control services. The profile of firms who use our services includes Garment Buyers, International Fashion Houses, and Apparel Trading firms. Our Pakistan Apparel Quality Inspectors can check many styles and fashions of clothing products.


Goodada is a European-owned and managed third-party QC Inspection company with offices in Europe, Asia, America and the UK. We offer clothing inspections in over 76 countries


Goodadas clients can request garment and apparel Inspections in EgyptSpain, Morocco, Vietnam, PortugalTurkiyeBangladesh and many other countries.


Clothing Quality Control Inspectors in Pakistan

Clothing Buyers have been used Goodadas Clothing Quality Control Inspectors in Pakistan for many years. Our Pakistan inspectors can check garment and clothing goods across the entire country. Our Quality Control Inspection teams can assess many different styles and fashions. Our Pakistani Quality Control Inspection teams can call out to any wholesaler, port, warehouse, factory or distribution hub in Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi and many more. 


Pakistan Clothing Quality Control Customer Support representative:

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Apparel and Garment QC Inspections in Pakistan

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Clothing Quality Inspections in Pakistan

Goodada's Pakistan Clothing Quality Control Inspections check many different categories of garments, including:

  • Women's Clothing - Women's Denim, Women's Hoodies, Women's Jumpers, Women's Dresses, Women's Underwear
  • Men's Clothing - Men's Formal Shirts, Men's Denims, Men's T-Shirts, Men's Underwear, Men's Tops, Men's Suits
  • Children's Clothing - Children's Denim, Children's Sweaters, Children's Summerwear, Children's Jackets
  • Baby Clothing - Baby Clothes Sets, Baby Bibs, Baby Warmers, Baby Sleepwear, Baby Summerwear
  • Other Clothing - Outdoor Clothing, Elderly Clothing, Halloween Costumes, School Clothes, Sports Clothing, Formal Suits


Pakistan Garment and Apparel Quality Inspector

Pakistan Garment Clothing and Apparel Quality Inspector. Goodada has provided our customers with clothing and garment inspections in many countries across the world. Our Pakistan Garment and Apparel Inspectors have more than 14 years of industry training. Clothing Quality Control Inspections in Pakistan are our primary services. Our Garment and Apparel QC Inspectors can go to any premises in Pakistan to conduct your inspections. Our Customer Support teams provide extra customer help when the results have been issued. A Pakistan Inspection can cover the following areas:

  • Measurements and Dimensions
  • Presentation
  • Finishing and Appearance
  • Sewing
  • Dry Rub Examination
  • Stains and Defects
  • Barcodes, Labels and Hang Tags
  • Fabric Stretch Test
  • Colour Fastness Test
  • Material Print Checks
  • SPI Checks

All inspector comments and reports from our Pakistan Clothing Inspections are provided in PDF form, images and any videos, if applicable.


Pakistan Clothing Quality Control Inspections Services.

 Garment QC Services in Pakistan

Pakistan Garment Quality Control Inspections

Pakistan Garment Quality Control Inspections. Many of Goodada's Clothing clients benefit from our broad range of Pakistan Clothing Inspections. The most sought-after garment and clothing inspection in Pakistan is our Pre-Shipment Inspection. With this inspection, we send out our Pakistan Garment QC Inspectors to visit the Supplier's facility to review the products. Our QC teams check and assess if the garments meet the client's fit, sizing, defects, finishing and overall appearance requirements. Our inspectors will also check product labels, hang tags and packaging. Since 2011 clients have been using Goodada for their garment and clothing inspections. Our Pakistan Garment Quality Control teams can visit any supplier to conduct one of our many inspection services. To find out about our selection of garment inspections, please visit Goodada's Types of Inspections page.


Garment Loading Checks in Pakistan 

Pakistan Garment Loading Inspections

Pakistan Garment Inspections, Pakistan is one of the world's leading producers and exporters of clothing products. Many global fashion houses, garment trading firms and apparel sourcing agencies use Goodada to check and verify their orders in Pakistan. Our clients ask that the inspection team verify the quantities of clothing being loaded into a shipping container. Our Pakistani Clothing Quality Control teams also review any hang tags, barcodes and labels on the cartons or packaging of the products. Goodada's Pakistan clothing QC teams can inspect many garments, including jeans, tops, skirts, outdoor and sporting. It is common for firms to source small batches of attire from many suppliers in Pakistan. All these garments are loaded into one shipping container in Pakistan. Goodada can send an inspector to the freight facility where this packing will take place to check the condition of the garments. So if you require additional information about this service, please go to our Container Loading Inspections.


Clothing Packing Inspections in Pakistan 

Pakistan Unloading Verifications and Inspections

Pakistan Unloading Verifications and Inspections. Our teams of inspectors in Pakistan can check many different types of goods sent to Pakistan. These include products for the clothing industry, such as raw materials, parts and other goods used in manufacturing clothing and apparel products in Pakistan. Consequently, many suppliers who ship goods to Pakistan ask that Goodada have an inspector onsite where a shipping container is opened and unloaded. It gives both the Supplier and the received an independent verification on the quantities and condition of the goods that landed in Pakistan. 

Sometimes, we get contacted by suppliers who have sent goods to Pakistan but have been informed that there are quality issues with the goods which have been delivered. In these instances, we send an inspector to the location in Pakistan to conduct a visual inspection of the goods and determine what the issues are and if these relate to specific items or the entire delivery. If you are interested or require this inspection service in Pakistan, please visit our Inbound Products Inspection.


Pakistan Apparel Seller Inspections

Pakistan Clothing Supplier Checks

Pakistan Clothing Supplier Checks and verifications occur at the production facility or warehouse in Pakistan. Having the Apparel Seller in Pakistan independently assessed and checked enables you to determine a risk rating for this Seller and aids you in concluding if this Supplier is the correct match for your firm. Our Pakistan Clothing Supplier Auditors are highly trained in reviewing clothing sellers. Apart from calling out to a Suppliers premises, our Auditors also conduct background verifications on each Supplier. Our Pakistani Clothing Inspectors will check a Suppliers' quality control practices, production processes and business trading records. A Supplier Check is one of the vital component services for organisations sourcing clothing from Pakistan. To learn more, please visit our Supplier Audit page.


Code of Conduct Services in Pakistan

Pakistan Clothing Supplier Code of Conduct Audit

Pakistan Clothing Supplier Code of Conduct Audits. It is common for international clothing and garments sourcing firms who buy from Pakistan to insist that their clothing items are manufactured at the highest ethical levels. The reason for this is that the public who wear their products will not accept the use of child workers, worker discrimination due to colour, sex or creed or the use of slave labour. The public also demands that workers be fairly renumerated for producing garments and apparel goods. They also want to limit any impact or damage that the production of their products causes to the environment. 

Therefore the sole responsibility to ensure that all these consumer demands are met rests with the organisations involved in selling the products to them. These organisations must ensure the factories in Pakistan are following a policy that encourages a culture of fair trade and best practices towards their workers, their communities and their environment. Over the years, the clothing industry in Pakistan has been rocked by abuse not only of workers but also of the suppliers who have not been paid on time by their customers outside of Pakistan. When instances of this reach the press, it can cause massive and sometimes fatal damage to a brand. The public demands that organisations have verifiable proof that they are actively monitoring and working to prevent the abuse of workers and the environment, plus encourage fair trading policies.


So, to achieve this, many organisations contact our support team at Goodada. We help our clients to design a suitable Supplier Code of Conduct Policy. Then we create a monitoring and Supplier visit program to document and record that these companies actively engage and encourage ethical trading. The service also provides proof to the public that their ethical expectations are incorporated into the firm's business culture. If you want more information about this service, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct.