Toxic Toys

Why is Toxic Toys Dangerous?

Toxic chemicals used in children’s toys have become a major health issue with governments from around the world who are now creating laws and regulations to prevent toys that contain hazardous substances from entering their markets.

Testing that was recently conducted in the USA by the Ann Arbor determined that over 18% of “on the shelf” toys contained hazardous chemicals including Phthalates. Phthalates are used to soften plastic and PVC which form a major part of children’s toys.

Various studies have that Phthalates can be associated as a possible cause for Asthma, ADHA, birth defects, Cancer, diabetes, early puberty, infertility in humans. In the USA CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has determined that children are vulnerable to be effected by these chemicals and are indeed highly exposed to these chemicals.

The Ann Arbor report states that in the USA that 90% of Toys that contained Phthalates came from China, with 9% from other Asian countries. In a European EU RAPEX report over 60% of the toys that were declared dangerous originated from China.

EU REACH (1907/2006/EC) Annex XVII identifies the regulations required.

In an article recently published by Women in Europe for a Common Future, they provide consumers with some clear and easy pieces of advice:

·         Do not purchase toys that have a unusual texture or strong chemical smell.

·         It is advised to unpack a new toy and leave outside so allow hazardous and dangerous chemicals to evaporate away.

·         Cheap toys often contain hazardous chemicals so it best to avoid them.

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