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Japan Quality Control Inspection - Japan is a powerhouse in the global economy. It is one of the world's largest automotive producers and its biggest electronics manufacturer. Japan is one of the largest exporting countries in the world. Last year, Japan, exported more than $757 billion worth of products. Goodada is an  Independent Inspection company. We provide inspection services across Japan. Our inspectors can check different types of goods, including Apparel, Footwear, Fruit, Furniture, manufactured goods, and many other products. We can conduct Buyer Verifications and Supplier Audits across Japan. 

A Supplier Audit should occur at the supplier's location in Japan. It is vital to have the seller's warehouse or factory reviewed to reduce the risk of sourcing from a poor-quality provider. 

Goodada provides Inspection Services across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the American Continent

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Goodada offers the following types of Japan Inspection Services.

Japan Third Party Supplier Verification and Factory Audit

Supplier Verification & Audit Services in Japan

Goodada provides Supplier Verification and Audit Services across all areas in Japan. Our team of inspectors can visit a supplier to verify that they are real and have stock available for you to purchase. Our auditors can also visit any factory to review their production processes and quality control systems. The purpose of both of these services is to provide you with independent information that you will be dealing with a legitimate seller who can offer you the products that you require. To learn more, please visit our Supplier Verification and Factory Audit Services page.

Customer Checks in Japan

Verify a Buyer in Japan

Verify a buyer in Japan - Is your company about to sell products to a new buyer in Japan? Do you want to get a potential new Japan-based customer verified? As one of the worlds leading independent third-party inspection firms, Goodada can send inspectors to check any buyer in Japan. Our report provides firms with the necessary background information that they may require when discussing trade terms with the buyer. Please visit our Buyer Verification service to learn more about this service.


Japan Finished Goods Inspection

Get a Pre-Shipment Inspection in Japan

Pre-Shipment Inspection in Japan - Goodadas QC team can visit any factory or warehouse in Japan to check your products before they are shipped out. Our Japanese Pre Shipment Inspections focus on product specifications, quantity, dimensions, packing requirements, and shipping marks. When the inspector is conducting this inspection, they can also undertake or witness any on-site tests that you may require. The inspector can also collect samples and send them to you or a laboratory for additional verification.


Japan Loading Inspection

Loading Inspections in Japan

Loading Inspections in Japan - This is a popular inspection with our clients after a Pre-Shipment Inspection has been done. A Loading Inspection takes place as the products are loaded in Japan. Our QC team can verify that your products are correctly loaded and packed into the truck or shipping container during this time.


Japan Inbound Cargo Inspection

Inbound Cargo Inspections in Japan

Inbound Cargo Inspections in Japan. Are you sending, or have you moved cargo to Japan? Do you need an independent inspector to inspect or check the cargo in Japan for you?  Are you based in Japan and have recently received defective products. Do you require a third party inspector to visually review and issue findings on faulty goods? Goodada's Japan-based Inspectors can call out to any warehouse or storage facility. To learn more, please visit our Inbound Cargo Inspection page. 

Japan Production Supervision

Production Inspections in Japan

Production Inspections in Japan - Our Japan Production Inspections are conducted as your products are being made at the factory in Japan. This inspection aims to check that the goods are being made to the specifications that you require. The inspector will also find out if there are any issues and can confirm the timelines for completing your order.

If you are experiencing communication difficulties or delays with your order, this is the most appropriate inspection.


Japan Parts & Component Checks

Component Inspections in Japan

Component Inspections in Japan are also known as Early Production Inspections. These inspections focus on any parts and components used to make your products. This is the phase in the production process where parts and raw materials can be inspected to verify that they adhere to your quality requirements. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any raw materials, it should happen at this stage. 

This inspection is useful to those experiencing continuous quality issues with their finished goods.


Japan Freight Insurance

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