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Turkiye Fruit Vegetable Inspection Survey

Turkiye Fruit Inspection Surveyor

Turkiye Fruit Inspection Surveyor Services. Turkiye is formerly known as Turkey. Turkiye is a regional logistics player in the movement of fruit Surveyor Checks. Last year Turkiye exported over $5.3 billion worth of fruit products. Its main export destinations are Russia, Germany, Iraq and France. Goodada has assisted clients with Fruit Inspections in Turkiye for over 15 years. Our clients include Fruit importers, Fruit Exporters and Insurance firms. Our Turkish Surveyors can inspect fresh, chilled, frozen and processed Fruit in any location across Turkiye.


Last year, Turkiye imported over $950 million worth of fruit and nut products. The top countries that supply fruit items to Turkiye are USA, Iran and Ecuador. Goodada is a European Third party Quality Inspection firm. We have offices in Ireland, the USA, the UK, Europe and Asia. We offer Fruit Inspections in SpainItalyChinathe NetherlandsGermanythe UKCosta RicaSouth Africa, and Asia.


Turkish Fruit Quality Control Inspectors

Goodada has Fruit Inspection workers located across the entire country of Turkiye. Our teams can inspect many different nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. We can visit any port, city or town in Turkiye. 

Turkish Fruit Inspection Sales Contact:

Contact Representative: Aidan Conaty

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Fruit and Vegetable Surveying Services in Turkey

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Telephone:(EU/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919 ; (UK) +44.020.3287.2990 ; (North America) +1.518.290.6604


Types of Fruit and Perisibles we Inspect

Our Turkiye Fruit inspection teams can check the following types of products:

  • Citrus - Turkish Lemons, Turkish Grapefruit, Oranges, Mandarins
  • Berries - Strawberries, Mulberries, Blueberries, Blackberries,
  • Everyday - Apples, Stone Fruit, Pears, Grapes, Plumbs, Peaches
  • Nuts & Seeds - Hazelnuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Chestnuts


Turkey Fruit Quality Inspection Checking Service

Turkey Fruit Quality Inspection Checking Service - Goodada is a third-party inspection business that offers clients worldwide quality checking services. Our broad range of inspection services and the many countries we provide Inspection services ensure that our clients get a complete worldwide service. Turkiye, formerly Turkey, is a key producer and Supplier of Fruit to countries around Europe and Asia. We have inspectors located across Turkiye and the entire region. Our fruit inspections cover the following categories:

  • Length and Dimensions
  • Visual Looks
  • Colour Uniformity
  • Quality and Impurities
  • Damage both physical and bug
  • Disease damage
  • Certification
  • Weight and measurements
  • Fruit Firmness
  • Condition of Packaging
  • Fruit Temperature and Sweetness levels.

Every order will receive an inspector's report plus supporting information such as images and videos.


Goodada offers the following types of Fruit Inspections in Turkiye.

 Turkey Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Services

Fruit Checking in Turkiye

Fruit Checking in Turkiye. One of the standard fruit inspections in Turkiye is a Pre-Shipment Inspection. We can send an inspector to visit any farm, processing plant or packing facility to check the Fruit as it is being packed into boxes, chilled or frozen. As a third-party inspection firm with a base in Turkiye, Goodada has inspectors spread across all locations in Turkiye. When checking Fruit, our inspectors can review the shape, condition, firmness, temperature colour and Brix levels. Our Inspection teams can inspect fresh, chilled, frozen or processed Fruit. Please contact Goodada if you require additional information.


Turkey Fruit Loading Surveyors 

Fruit Loading Checks in Turkiye

Fruit Loading Checks in Turkiye. Turkiye (Turkey) is a leading grower and exporter of Fruit in its region. Many traders from countries surrounding Turkey request Goodada send an inspector to check the state of the Fruit. Here we can verify temperatures, confirm the quantities loaded as well as conduct an inspection of the packing and labelling of the Fruit. Our Fruit Inspectors in Turkiye can review all Fruit forms such as fresh, chilled, frozen or processed. Turkiye is also a location gateway to many regions and is a transport hub for these areas. Many clients often need an inspection to conduct a loading and reloading inspection for onward distribution. If you require more information about this service, please contact Goodada Inspections or visit our Container Loading Inspections page


Turkey Inbound Fruit Inspection 

Unloading Inspections of Fruit in Turkiye

Unloading Inspections of Fruit in Turkiye. Turkiye is the leading distribution centre of Fruit in its region. Not only does it export the products that it grows, but it also acts as a location where bulk fruit deliveries are sent to and unloaded. From here, they are reloaded onto different ships or trucks and sent out to other countries in the region. Clients who use Goodada's Turkiye Fruit Inspections book for an inspector to check the conduction of Fruit that has landed in Turkiye. Our inspectors can visit and port or storage facility to conduct these checks. If you are interested in this inspection, please visit our Inbound Products Inspection page for extra information.


Turkey Fruit Surveying Services

Turkiye Fruit Surveyor Inspection Services

Turkiye Fruit Surveyor Inspection Services. Have you received a shipment of rotten Fruit from Turkiye? Have you lodged a claim with a Turkish fruit producer for an insurance policy? Do you represent an insurance agency requiring the services of a third-party Fruit Inspector to check on Fruit that is in Turkiye or has come from Turkiye (Turkey)? If your answer is yes to any of these scenarios, you may require a Turkiye Fruit Surveyor. 

Our Turkish Inspectors can visit any farm, packing plant or loading centre in Turkiye to survey any type of Fruit. After our surveyors have completed the inspection, you will receive a detailed report along with photos and supporting documents. We are happy to use any firm's inspection templates or accommodate additional inspection requests. 

Checking Supplier code of Conduct for Imports of Fruit from Turkey

Turkiye Fruit Supplier Code of Conduct Audits

Turkiye Fruit Supplier Code of Conduct Services Audits. International Purchasers of Fruit from Turkiye want the products to be grown and traded ethically. This is because the end consumer does not wish to purchase Fruit that has exploited any labourers or the environment. It is expected that no maltreatment or exploitation will have taken place. The responsibility of those who source Fruit and other produce from Turkiye is to ensure that ethical trading standards are implemented and maintained across the entire production and supply chain. Sales will be lost if it is discovered that a fruit trader or importer has not maintained and monitored ethical trading standards.


So, many firms that purchase Fruit from Turkiye (formerly known as Turkey) use Goodadas Code of Conduct services. We provide a complete package. We write your firm's Ethical Code of Conduct Policy and issue it to all the suppliers across your supply chain. Then we send in auditors to conduct an initial assessment of each site using our ethical audit. And finally, we monitor each Supplier with an auditor revisiting them every 18 months to verify if they are maintaining their ethical approach and make suggestions for areas of improvement. 


If interested in this service, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct or contact Goodada.