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Garment QC Services in Cambodia

Cambodia Apparel Clothing Inspection Services

Cambodia Apparel Clothing Inspection Services – Cambodia has emerged and developed as a key supplier country for international garment and clothing buyers. Over recent years Cambodia has become a top ten apparel producer country. Last year Cambodia produced and exported over $8 billion worth of apparel. Cambodia's main export destinations are the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Belgium. Clothing Buyers from across the world have used Goodada's Cambodia Inspection services for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on working to a professional standard. The clients who use our clothing QC services include Garment Purchasers, Clothing Trader firms, and other companies involved in the clothing industry. Our Cambodia QC Inspection teams can conduct quality control inspections on a wide range of apparel products.


Last year, Cambodia imported over $120 million of clothing-related items and goods. China, the USA, Vietnam, and Thailand were the leading supplier countries that sourced the goods. Goodada provides apparel and clothing inspection services across Europe, South America, the USA, and Asia. We provide QC Inspections in over 76 countries. You can order a clothing inspector for China, EgyptIndia, VietnamTurkiye, Portugal and many other places.


Cambodia Apparel and Clothing Inspectors

For many years clients from across the world have used Goodada's Cambodia Apparel Clothing Inspections services to check their garments and garment manufacturers in Cambodia. Our Cambodia Quality Control Inspection and Audit teams can assess and inspect many different types and styles of apparel goods. Our Cambodia Quality Control Checkers can visit any transport warehouse, Storage facility, or Supplier in any part or city in Cambodia. 


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Clothing and Garment QC Services in Cambodia

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Categories of Apparel we Inspect in Cambodia

Goodada's Cambodia Clothing QC teams can check a wide variety of products, including:

 - Women's Clothing - Maternity Clothing, Business Dresses, Pantyhose, Women's Tops, Women's Pants

 - Men's Clothing - Men's T-Shirts, Men's Shorts, Men's Coats, Men's Formal wear, Men's Underpants

 - Children's Clothing - Children's Sweaters, Children's Outdoor wear, Children's Sleepwear, Children's Underwear

 - Infant Clothing - Infant bibs, Infant outdoor wear, Infant Sleepingwear, Infant tops, and Infant Jackets

 - Specialist Clothing - School Uniforms, Military Clothing, Sports Clothing, Fancydress, Cultural Clothing


Cambodia Clothing QC Inspection Services

Cambodia Clothing QC Inspection Services from Goodada. As a leading third-party European Clothing Inspection company, Goodadas customers can request quality control inspections in almost any country in the world. Our clients can book their quality control jobs online through our website. After the inspection has been booked, an inspector manager is assigned to manage and coordinate the client's booking. Goodada's Cambodia Apparel Quality Control teams are based across all cities and regions in Cambodia, including Phnom Penh, Krong Battambang, Krong Kampong Cham, Krong Siem Reap, and many other places. When a client requests an inspection, the following items can be covered by the inspector:

  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Styles and Accessories
  • Sewing and lose threads
  • Fabric Density Review
  • Zippers and Materials
  • Defects and Dirt checks
  • Label and Tag Tests
  • Rub Test
  • Stretch Test
  • Wet Test
  • Printing Quality Checks
  • Stitching Quantity Count

A comprehensive Cambodia Apparel Inspection Report is provided to our clients.


Goodada provides the following types of Clothing Checking Services in Cambodia.

 Garment QC Services in Cambodia

Cambodia Garment Inspection Services

Cambodia Garment Inspection Services. Buyers from across the world are offered a range of clothing quality-checking services that cover all parts of the manufacturing process. One of the top requested inspection services for Cambodia is a Finished Goods Inspection (PSI Inspection). Our Cambodia Apparel Inspectors can visit any Producer or Manufacturer in Cambodia to assess the standards of any garment goods before they depart Cambodia. Goodada has provided our clients with clothing inspections across Cambodia for over fifteen years. Our Cambodia Apparel QC Inspection teams are experts in clothing inspections and have years of QC inspection experience. To see the range of garment inspection services, please visit Goodada's Types of Inspections page.


Clothing Loading Checks in Cambodia 

Cambodia Clothing Loading Inspection Services

Cambodia Clothing Loading Inspection Services. Cambodia is one of the emerging countries that has developed a clothing production industry. Many international apparel firms have brought Cambodia into their global supply chain. Goodadas Cambodia Apparel Quality Control Inspectors will be at the factory in Cambodia to review and inspect clothing products being packed into a shipping container. People ask the inspector to check the quantities, labeling, barcodes, and carton details.

Our Cambodia Apparel Quality Controllers can inspect many types of garments and apparel, including men, women, kids, or targeted ranges. Many international sourcing agents often purchase clothing products from many factories in Cambodia. When this happens, most goods are brought to a centralized distribution hub, which is packed into a single container. Our inspection teams can go to the distribution center to verify the loading of the goods into the container. If you are interested in this Service, please visit our Container Loading Inspections.


Clothing Packing Inspections in Cambodia 

Apparel Unloading Inspections in Cambodia

Apparel Unloading Inspections in Cambodia. Cambodia has emerged as one of the go-to places to have clothing products manufactured. As a result, many companies from around the world ship materials to Cambodia to produce their clothing and apparel products. Consequently, many parties that ship products to Cambodia request an inspector to witness the unloading of the items and check that the products have arrived in Cambodia with no damage or lost items. One of the purposes of this inspection is that provides the shipper with explicit confirmation that everything has arrived safe and sound and that they can expect no issues with the receiver in Cambodia over missing quantities or damaged items. If you wish to get more details about this inspection, please go to our Inbound Products Inspection.


Cambodia Apparel Seller Checks

Cambodia Apparel Clothing Supplier Verification

Cambodia Apparel Clothing Supplier Verification Services. Many apparel buyers seek an independent third-party inspection firm to go to and verify a potential factory in Cambodia. Goodada's Cambodia Apparel Clothing Factory Audit takes place at Cambodia's Supplier's production facility. This Service helps purchasers to assess the risk level of a potential Cambodian Clothing Supplier. Our Supplier Audit reports provide our clients with essential information such as the factory's trading history, selling terms, QC process, and how they support their workers. You will also be provided with a rating and a risk score. As part of a best practice policy, many firms request audits to be conducted on their suppliers in Cambodia every two years. To learn more, please read our Supplier Audit page.


Code of Conduct Services for Cambodia Factories

Cambodia Clothing Manufacturers Ethical Trading Checks

Cambodia Clothing Manufacturers Ethical Trading Checks. Clothing and apparel products from Cambodia must be produced using ethical trading and production practices. Those who wear clothing made in Cambodia require that no exploitation take place. People also want to ensure that no abuse of employees, children, or the environment has happened in producing apparel products. Firms that source and supply clothing products from Cambodia must be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that the highest level of ethical trading occurs at all times across the entire supply chain. Suppose consumers find out that a Cambodia manufacturer has behaved poorly to others through maltreatment or used sharp business practices. It can result in severe consequences for the importer and retailer selling products made by that manufacturer.

So, many organizations and trading firms involved with garments from Cambodia avail of Goodada's Supplier Code of Conduct services. Over many years Goodada has developed expertise in this area. Our Code of Conduct (CofC) services enable traders to watch and support ethical trading practices with their suppliers in Cambodia. Our CofC experts help our clients to design and upgrade their ethical trading policies. After a policy has been issued to a manufacturer in Cambodia, Goodada's Cambodia Inspectors visit the factory to conduct a code of conduct audit. While onsite, our inspection team will talk with the management team and assess their application of the ethical trading or code of conduct policy. The auditor will undertake an onsite check of the factory floor and look out for working conditions, staff safety, and environmental damage. Once the Audit has been completed, our clients will be sent a comprehensive audit report outlining the outcomes of the Audit and places for improvement. To access more information about this specialist service, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct.