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Colombia Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audits

Colombia Quality Control Inspections - Last year, Colombia exported more than $39 billion worth of products. This primarily focused on mineral fuels, including oil, wood, plants, food, coffee, fruit, and manufactured items. Goodada offers onsite Third-Party Inspection services across the entire country. Our trained inspectors can conduct checks on food, furniture, apparel, and many other types of products. Goodada is a global European-owned inspection company. We conduct inspections in over 76 countries. The regions we offer our services include Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.


Colombia's major export markets include the USA, China, Panama, Ecuador, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Turkey. The main products it supplies the USA includes fauna, coffee, aluminum, and other manufactured goods. It is a major supplier of fruit, coffee, and other products to the European Union.


Goodada’s Colombia Seller Verification services take place at the seller's location. The objective of this verification service is to confirm that the seller is genuine and has the products you require  are conducted at your chosen supplier’s factory. Having a factory audited before placing an order with a potential manufacturer will significantly reduce the risk of you buying poor quality or defective products or even becoming a victim of fraud.


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Goodada offers the following types of Colombia Inspections Quality Control Inspections:

Colombia Seller Verification Service

Seller Verification and Factory Audit Inspections in Colombia

Seller Verification and Factory Audit Inspections - Having a factory audited before placing an order with a potential manufacturer will significantly reduce the risk of you buying poor quality or defective products or even becoming a victim of fraud. Our Auditors will visit the seller at their location in Colombia to conduct the verification. To find out more about this service, please visit our Factory Audit page.

Colombia Pre Shipment Inspection Service

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services in Colombia

A Pre-Shipment Inspection is an on-site inspection that takes place at the supplier's premises in Colombia. The inspector checks the product's specifications, order quantity, dimensions, packing, and labeling. The inspector can also conduct on-site testing or collect samples for you. To learn more about this inspection, please visit our Finished Goods Inspection page. 


Colombia Container Loading Inspection Checks

Loading Inspections in Colombia

A Loading Inspection takes place as the goods are being packed into a shipping container at a warehouse or port facility. During this inspection, the inspector can conduct a basic review of your products for packing and labeling. They will also count the goods loaded into the container. To learn more, please visit our Container Loading Inspection page.

Do you need to check goods that have been transported to Colombia? If yes, then Goodada's Inbound Goods Inspection service is suitable for you. Our inspectors can visit any warehouse or premises in Colombia to check and count the goods which have landed against a packing list. Please visit Goodada's Inbound Goods Inspection page to find out more about this inspection. 

Production Inspection in Colombia

Manufacturing Inspection Services in Colombia

Manufacturing Inspection Services in Colombia - Have you communication issues with the seller in Colombia? Are there delays with your order? If yes, then a  Manufacturing Inspection is a possible inspection for you. This inspection is also known as a During Production Inspection. We can sone one of our inspectors to visit the seller's premises to find out about your order. They can also communicate with the seller the difficulties which you are experiencing.


Colombia Raw Materials Inspections

Raw Materials Inspection Checks in Colombia

A Raw Materials Inspection checks the parts, components, and materials that will be used to make your order. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any parts, it should happen at this stage. To learn more about this inspection, please visit our Raw Materials Inspection page. 


Colombia Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance for Colombia

Freight Insurance protects the owner of the goods against the risks of damage or loss during transport. Our Online insurance service provides you with a range of different quotes. To get a quote, please visit Goodada's Online Freight Insurance page.

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