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France Fruit Vegetable Inspection Survey

France Fruit Inspection Survey

France Fruit Inspection Survey Services – France is a leading market in Europe for the trade of Fruit and Vegetables. Last year, France imported over 3,320 thousand tonnes of fresh fruit. The main countries that sent fruit to France are Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco and Turkey. The most popular Fruits imported into France include Bananas, Clementines, Oranges, Watermelons and Avocados. The main export destinations for French fruit are Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Last year, France exported over 870,000 tonnes of fruit. Since 2004, Goodada has been undertaking Fruit Inspections across Europe and Asia. The clients who use our services are fruit growers, fruit importers, fruit traders and insurance firms servicing the fruit industry. Our Inspectors and Surveyors can inspect all types of fresh, chilled, frozen and processed fruit.

Goodada conducts Fruit Inspections in the UKthe Netherlands, TurkiyeSpainGermanySouth Africa,  South AmericaAfrica, the Middle East, and Asia. Our world network of Fruit inspection teams enables Goodada to provide its clients with a Farm to Fork monitoring service.


French Fruit Quality Control Inspections

Goodada conducts fruit surveys and inspections in all areas of France. Our inspectors are experts in reviewing many different types of fruit and vegetables. Our QC teams can call out to any dock, warehouse, distribution facility or factory in France to conduct a fruit survey or quality inspection.


Contacts for Goodada's France Fruit Inspection Surveyor Services:

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Fruit Surveying Services in France

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Telephone:(EU/ Rest of the World) +353 1 885 3919 ; (UK) +44.020.3287.2990 ; (North America) +1.518.290.6604


Types of Fruit Inspected in France

Our French Fruit Inspection teams can check many types of fruit, including:

  • Citrus - Oranges, Lemons, Clementines, Limes, Grapefruits
  • Berries - Strawberries, Blackcurrants,  Redcurrants, Blueberries, Cranberries, Blackberries, Cherries
  • Tropical - Bananas, Mangos, Papaya, Pineapples, Coconuts, Kiwi
  • Daily - Apples, Pears, Grapes, Melons, Plumbs, Peaches, Watermelons


French Fruit Inspection and Surveyor Services

French Fruit Inspection and Surveyor Services - Goodada provides clients with a Fruit inspection service across all parts of France. Clients use Goodada Inspections because it provides them with a one-stop shop for their global fruit inspections and supplier compliance verification services. When a fruit surveyor undertakes a review, they check for the following:

  • Sizes
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Colour and appearance
  • Condition and defects
  • Physical or Insect attack
  • Contamination and Insect Damage
  • Certification
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Tally
  • Packing and Packaging
  • Fruit Temperature

Goodada issues a complete on the inspectors findings, including photos of the fruit and an official conclusion.  


Goodada provides the following types of Fruit Inspection Services in France.

 France Fruit and Vegetable Inspection

Pre-Shipment Fruit Inspections in France

Pre-Shipment Fruit Inspections in France. Many international fruit importers ask Goodada to send a Fruit Inspector to verify the quality of their fruit at a farm or processing facility in France or another country of origin. Goodada is an international inspection firm with fruit inspectors and surveyors worldwide. It allows our clients to utilise the same inspection firm to check their fruit from the point of despatch to the end of delivery. Our fruit Inspection teams can review the quality of the fruit and how it is saved and packed, plus check any labelling or shipping marks. Our inspectors can conduct specific fruit tests such as BRIX, colour mapping and fruit core temperatures. Our inspectors can check fresh, chilled, frozen or processed fruit. For further information about our fruit inspection services, don't hesitate to contact Goodada.


France Fruit Loading Surveyors 

Fruit Loading Surveys in France

Fruit Loading Surveys in France - This inspection is requested by many buyers sourcing from France. France is one of Europe's largest producers of canned and frozen vegetables. It also is a major exporter of Apples, Bananas, Melons and Watermelons. Its main export markets include Spain, Germany and Germany. Many clients who purchase fruit from France request Goodada to send a surveyor or inspector to the loading facility to check the quality of the fruit, confirm the quantities and verify the temperatures of the fruit. So clients also request checks on packing and labelling. Goodadas French Fruit Inspectors can check fresh, chilled, processed or frozen fruit. We also inspect vegetable products. For additional details about our loading inspections, please visit Goodada's Container Loading Inspections page.


France Inbound Fruit Inspection 

Fruit Unloading Inspections in France

Fruit Unloading Inspections in France. France is one of the top countries in Europe for the receipt of fresh fruit. French people have a strong affinity for eating fresh fruit. As one of the largest markets in Europe, it is a popular destination for many international fruit companies that is the largest importer of fresh fruit in Europe. The top fruit products imported into France are Bananas, Oranges, Watermelons, Clementines and Avocados. Goodadas clients often require an inspector to be present when unloading a fruit delivery in France. The inspector verifies the quantity, condition and temperature of the fruit. A report is sent to the client advising them of the findings. To find out more about an Unloading (aka Inbound) Inspection, please visit our  Inbound Products Inspection page for extra information about this service.


France Fruit Quality Control Inspector

Fruit Surveyor Services across France

Fruit Surveyor Services across France. Have you received a fruit delivery from France in inferior condition? Has overripe fruit been shipped to a customer or storage facility in France? Have you received a fruit delivery to your France warehouse that does not meet your requirements? Do you need the servies an independent surveyor service to assess and report on the condition of a recent fruit delivery? Are you an insurance broker or insurance company that needs a surveyor's services to conduct a fruit survey in France? Do you need an independent review and report on a fruit shipment's state at a France location? If your response to any of these questions is yes, then Goodada's France Fruit Surveyor services are perfect for you. 

Our inspectors in France can call out to any location, warehouse or distribution centre in France to inspect any Fruit delivery. Our survey team can also review and assess where in the supply chain caused the fruit to spoil. You will receive a detailed report outlining the evidence and findings from the surveyor.

Checking Supplier code of Conduct for France Fruit Importers

French Fruit Traders Code of Conduct Services

Code of Conduct Services for French companies or firms dealing with French Fruit companies. Consumers across France and the rest of the world expect that the fruit they purchase and eat has been grown and traded to the highest ethical standards. Buyers demand that there has been no abuse or profiteering at the expense of the rights of children, workers or the environment. Nowadays, it is assumed that Fruit traders in France are responsible for failing to ensure that they are trading fruit with a verifiable ethical production line. So, suppose consumers find out there has been exploitation of people or the environment. In that case, the trader (French or otherwise) will face backlash and negative press from the public.


Therefore many Fruit traders across Europe are using Goodadas Compliance services to ensure that their fruit supply chains meet the complete code of conduct compliance. Godoada also provides independent monitoring and reporting on adherence to the code of conduct across the supply chain. If your firm requires this specialist compliance service, please visit our Supplier Code of Conduct.