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Bulgaria Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audits

Bulgaria Quality Control - Last year, Bulgaria exported over $33 billion worth of products. This is the same level as 2018. Bulgarias main export markets are those countries around it including, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Italy. Its biggest export market is Germany who imported almost $5 billion worth of goods last year. Bulgaria's main export products include Chemicals, Metals, Pharma, Furniture, Cereals and Apperal. Goodadas Inspectors in Bulgaria can conduct inspections of all types of products across the entire country.Goodada's Quality Control Inspections seek to do just that for you. Goodada offer Factory Inspections, Product Quality Inspections, Quality Control Process audits, and workplace audits in order to ensure you are partnering with a supplier which has your best interests in mind. In dealing with international markets, you need to be sure that your products adhere to international laws and regulations, quality standards and ethical sourcing. 

Sourcing products and services from Bulgaria is quickly becoming a large part of many companies supply chain efforts. High quality products and competitive labour costs are making Bulgaria manufacturers attractive to global customers. However, as with any part of business, there are risks involved and proper measures need to be put in place in order to ensure you receive exactly what you are paying for.

Dealing with international suppliers involves a large volume of risks but Goodada seeks to minimise this risk by providing you with the peace of mind and quality assurance you need.

Goodada's Bulgaria Container Loading inspections also enable you to confirm if your products have been correctly loaded and dispatched from the suppliers' factory in Bulgaria, protecting you from any further issues after final payment and ensuring the quality of goods you receive is exactly what you agreed to and paid for.

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Goodada offers the following types of Quality Control Inspections in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Factory Audit

Bulgaria Manufacturer Audit

Bulgaria Manufacturer Audit will verify any potential Seller in Bulgaria. An inspector will visit the furniture factory in Bulgaria to audit the firm and determine it is a legitimate producer for the products which you require. The auditor will also assess the companies production processes, equipment, and facilities. During this process, the auditor will also check the factories quality control practices and exporting history. After the audit has been completed, you will receive a report outlining the findings of the auditor.

Bulgaria FGI

Bulgaria Finished Goods Inspection

It is the most popular QC inspection in Bulgaria. After the goods have been completed, an inspector will visit the sellers location to conduct a Finished Goods Inspection   The inspector will check items to confirm quantities, sizes, packing, and any other special requests by the buyer. This inspection should be done before the goods leave the factory. You will receive an inspection report which will identify any problems or defects which the inspector has found.  


Bulgaria Loading Inspection

Bulgaria Loading Inspection

The inspector will call to the factory in Bulgaria to witness your products  being packed onto trucks or into shipping containers. While this does note replace a Pre Shipment Inspection, the inspector can count the amount of products loaded and shipped from the factory. Your inspection report will contain images and feedback over the various stages of the loading process.


Bulgarian Production Monitoring

Production Inspections in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian Production Monitoring will take place at the time when your products are being made at the factory. The objective of this inspection is to provide you with an update on the status of the production and the expected time when the furniture will be ready for shipping. The inspector will issue you with a report on the findings from this inspection.


Bulgaria Freight Insurance

Bulgaria Freight Insurance Services

Goodada's Bulgaria Cargo insurance covers you for not only the cost of your order, but you also have the option of getting covered for the cost of shipping, import taxes, and also cover for any potential lost profits.

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