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Cambodia Quality Control Inspection

Cambodia Quality Inspection


Cambodia Quality Control Inspections and Factory Audits

Located on the Indochina peninsula in south-eastern Asia, the Kingdom of Cambodia is famed for its exports of knit and crochet clothing, clothing accessories and footwear. With an estimated $17.3 billion worth of exports shipped worldwide in 2017, Cambodia is a major player in the clothing industry.
Sourcing products from Cambodia has become an important part of many global supply chain efforts, with more and more companies turning to Cambodia for their needs. When sourcing from Cambodia however, as with any potential new market, buyers must make sure that the products they are purchasing are of high quality and comply with the laws and regulations of their customers market.
Goodada’s Cambodia Factory Audits are conducted at your chosen supplier’s factory. Having a premises audited before placing an order with a potential new manufacturer will significantly reduce the risk of you buying defective products. The purpose of a Cambodian Factory Audit is to review and assess a manufacturer’s capabilities to fulfil your request, review their quality control processes and monitor the workplace conditions of the factory.
Goodada’s Cambodia Inspections are designed save you both time and money by minimising the cost of product failures and ensuring that products are manufactured to your required specifications at all times. Inspections can be conducted at any factory in Cambodia.
Goodada’s Cambodia Container Loading Inspections will also enable you to confirm if and when your products have been safely loaded and dispatched from the factory in Cambodia. Container Loading Inspections are of significant importance when payment is required by the seller upon despatch of products from their factory in Cambodia.

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Goodada offers the following types of Audits & Quality Control Inspections.

Cambodia Factory Audit


Goodada's Cambodia Inspection team will visit the sellers factory in Cambodia and audit the factory. Our QC Inspectors will check and assess if this seller has the ability to consistently manufacture products which meet your requirements. Our auditors will also evaluate the quality control systems, the factories manufacturing standards and the factories export records. Click Here to find out more....

Cambodia Garment Inspection Service


Our Cambodia Inspectors can visit the factory in Cambodia when 80% of your order has been manufactured. The purpose of a Finished Goods Inspection (or Pre Shipment Inspection) is to visually check product specifications, product quantity, product dimensions, packing requirements and shipping marks. During this inspection any on-site testing can be conducted or samples can be collected to be independently tested. If any problems are identified you can then address these issues with the factory before the goods are shippedClick Here to find out more....

Cambodia Container Loading Inspection


Goodada's Cambodia Loading Supervision is done when the goods are being loaded at the port or factory in Cambodia. During the time of loading the inspector can check that your products are correctly loaded and the container is securely closed and sealed prior to shipmentClick Here to find out more....

Cambodia Production Inspection


Goodada's During Production Inspection is conducted at the factory in Cambodia at the time when your products are being manufactured. The main purpose of a During Production Inspection is to keep you updated on production completion times and any issues which may have arisen during the productionClick Here to find out more....

Cambodia Production Monitoring


Goodada's Cambodia Production Monitoring will provide you with daily updates on quantities produced plus inform you of any issues with your order. The on-site inspector will work with the production manager of the factory to ensure that your order is made to any pre-agreed schedule and specifications. Click Here to find out more....

Cambodia Materials Inspection


An Early Production Inspection focuses the raw materials and machinery which will be used to make your order. This is the only stage where the raw materials can be checked to make sure that they meet your quality requirements. If any independent laboratory tests are required on any of the raw materials, it should happen at this stage. Click Here to find out more....

Worker Child Rights Social Audit Cambodia


Its every businesses fear to be sourcing their products from suppliers who mistreat their employees or employ child labor. Goodada's Cambodia Social Audit Service is designed to provide you with a full assessment of your suppliers labor policies. The function of our Social Audit is to encourage, create and maintain a set of ethical workplace practices and procedures which are socially acceptable. A Social Audit reassures your customers and suppliers that your business is socially accountable. Click Here to find out more.


Freight Marine Insurance Cambodia


Goodada's Cargo & Freight Insurance offers your piece of mind. You can select an insurance cover which can protect you against all transport risks from cambodia including the value of the goods which you have purchased and the cost of shipping, duties, and also up to 10% or even 20% extra to cover anticipated profit. Please click on our Cambodia Insurance link to learn more.

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