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Serbia Quality Control Inspections - Last year, Serbia exported $19.633 billion worth of products. Its primary destination markets are Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Romania and Russia. These five countries account for over 41% of Serbia's exports. The rest of its markets are other European countries. Serbia is a leading source of electrical products, machinery, vehicles, plastics, furniture, cereals, and fruit and nuts. Goodada offers Third Pary Quality Control inspections across the entire country, and our inspectors can inspect most products within 48 hours. Our Inspections aim to save you time and money by eliminating the cost of product failures and ensuring that products are manufactured to your required specifications every time. Goodada can conduct Inspections or Audit at any factory or premises in Serbia.


Goodada’s Serbia Factory Audits and reviews are conducted at the seller's factory. By having a factory audited before placing an order with a potential supplier, you will reduce the risk of purchasing inferior quality goods or potentially being cheated out of your money.


Goodada’s Serbia Outbound and Inbound Cargo Inspections check the quantities of productions that are shipped to or from a location in Serbia. These Inspections are vital when the seller payment on delivery.


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Goodada offers the following types of Serbia Quality Control Inspections.

Serbia Supplier Check


A Serbia Third-Party Audit is conducted at your seller’s factory. This service is used by clients who want to verify a potential vendor or audit a suppliers factory. The Audit will also assess the factories quality control systems, the factories manufacturing standards and the factories export records. If you want to find out more, please visit our Factory Audit page. 

Serbia Quality Control Inspector


Goodadas Serbia Completed Inspection takes place at the supplier's premises. This service is can also be called a Finished Goods Inspection or a Pre Shipment Check. The inspector will visually check the specifications, quantity,  dimensions, packing and shipping marks of the ordered goods. Any nn-site tests can be conducted at the factory or samples can be collected and sent to you for testing. To find out more, please visit our Finished Goods Inspection page.


Serbia Loading Inspection


There are two types of loading inspections available. Inbound Loading Inspections takes place when the goods arrive at the final destination of the buyer. Outbound Inspections take place at the vendor's location in Serbia. Here the inspector confirms the goods are properly packed and loaded onto the truck or shipping container.


Factory Inspections in Serbia


Many clients often face communication challenges or experience delays with their Serbian Suppliers. Our Production Inspection service has been designed to assist our clients in overcoming these issues. An inspector will visit the Suppliers location in Serbia to review your order and discuss any problems you are having with the supplier. To find out more, please visit our Production Inspection page.  


Raw Materials Inspection in Serbia


Our Serbia Raw Materials Checks target the raw materials and machinery which are used to make your order. It is the only stage where the raw materials can be checked to make sure that they meet your required specifications. If independent laboratory tests are required on any of the raw materials the inspector can collect samples and send it to the appointed labratory. 



Serbia Freight Insurance


Are you making payments in Serbian Dinar or Euros? Save Money with Goodada's International Payments. Get lower banking charges and get better currency exchange rates. To find out more, please visit Goodada International Payments.

Goodada's Serbia Freight & Cargo Insurance allows you to buy cargo insurance cover online. You can select from a range of insurance options and prices.